Netizens criticize after fromis_9 beat Nayeon on ‘M Countdown’ today

Today M Countdown’s winner points

#1 fromis_9 (full score on digital and physical)
#2 Nayeon (full score on live votes)

1. On Melon, Nayeon is 4 and fromis_9 is 120, but how did fromis_9 get the full digital score?

2. It’s embarrassing, it’s ridiculous

3. Nayeon’s song is so good…. I’ve never heard of fromis_9 before ㅜㅜ

4. Nayeon didn’t get 1st place..?? It’s a bit shocking

5. Well, they’re even proud after robbing another singer’s 1st place

6. These fans are outlawing in the music industry, right?

7. I’ve never heard of fromis_9’s songs

8. Crazy.. Nayeon should win 1st place

9. I feel sorry for Nayeon who lost 1st place

10. But even Nayeon’s physical sales are higher

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