Netizens criticize after hearing that MAMA will be held in the US in the future

Kim Hyun Soo “MAMA will be held in the US in 3 years, preparations are underway”

Kim Hyun Soo said, “We are planning and preparing to hold an offline event in the US in 3 years.”

He continued, “There are many fans from all over the world voting for this year’s ‘WORLDWIDE FANS’ CHOICE, and a lot of people are voting in the US.”

1. Since when did the Mnet Asian Music Awards become the Mnet American Music Awards?

2. No, why do they want to hold the Asian awards ceremony in the US?

3. It’s the Asian awards ceremony, so why go to the US? Do you really want to turn your back on Asia?

4. Isn’t it the Mnet Asian Music Awards?

5. What are Korean fans to them?

6. If it’s a Korean awards ceremony, they should go to Korea and see it

7. After BTS was successful in the US, there are a lot of people who are obsessed with the US

8. Just do it in Korea

9. Just do it in Korea please

10. I think they will change their name to MWMA and perform around the world

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