Netizens criticize after seeing NewJeans’ outfits and hairstyles at KCON Japan

NewJeans’ outfits and hairstyles at KCON Japan


1. Did they change their coordi? They look pretty even when they’re just wearing white t-shirts and jeans, but what are these outfits?

2. Their outfits look like the ones worn by idols 10 years agoㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. What do they want to express through those outfits?

4. Are they taking the punishment?

5. Isn’t the NewJeans concept based on the 2000s?

6. Looks like the pub outfits of the 1990s

7. But Min Heejin always dresses like this, f(x) used to be so pretty

8. Not why? I really don’t understand why they do this to the kids??

9. Just wear jeans and white t-shirts

10. Their outfits are getting worse

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They thought they ate. They just look ridiculous.

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