Netizens criticize after seeing NewJeans’ outfits on stage at the Blue Dragon Film Awards

[Photo] NewJeans shines on stage at the Blue Dragon Film Awards

1. No, Haerin’s hair color doesn’t suit her well ㅠㅠ

2. Their coordi doesn’t seem to know what to do with pretty girls

3. I really thought it was 2008. What is this…?

4. I’m always disappointed with their outfits, I think they could have been better

5. I don’t like these pictures, but after watching the video, they’re so pretty~ It’s nice to see the actors smiling

6. They look so outdated..

7. Do you think these dresses are beautiful??? I guess I don’t know what fashion is

8. They remind me of Wonder Girls

9. They’re pretty, but their outfits are a bit disappointing…ㅠㅠㅠ I think they could have been prettier, but it’s a pity

10. I wish they changed their style a bit

11. Wow, I thought it was 2007

12. No, what are those clothes?

13. Their coordi is weird and those hair colors don’t suit them at all

14. The kids are cute and the stage is good

15. The kids are pretty but the clothes are ugly

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