Netizens criticize BTS Jin for thinking he’s whining about his enlistment

Kim Seokjin got the frontline army base

Fan: “Oppa, it’s your birthday next month. Are you excited?”

Jin: “No… I got the frontline base”

[+495, -75]

1. [+772, -823] There are many idols who voluntarily enlist in the army, but why is he like that?…. He’s still whining, just shut up and enlist

2. [+606, -577] The fans must be embarrassed too. It’s not military-related questions. They were talking about his birthday, but why did he say that his mood was not good because of the frontline base?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He’s like V, who seems to have a penchant for embarrassing fans on Weverse

3. [+547, -398] Why is he like that? Is he royal?

4. [+246, -134] Among the idols that I know, there are many idols who voluntarily enlisted in the army, but no one said anything about itㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Looks like he’s the oldest among the idols who enlisted but he’s thoughtless.. He enlisted late, so why is he bragging about it?

5. [+132, -67] Seokjin-ah, are you the only one who’s going to enlist?… Just shut up, why are you like that?

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wow cant even make a joke anymore, these losers really be doing too much to hate on them for nothing. they’re probably angry that jin decided to go to the military instead of letting the SK govt use him for money so they can hate on him even more.


Aren’t joke supposed to be funny? Where’s the haha, not even a giggle. Fans and their faves are the same, having nut brain

But I wasn’t done…

How’s Jisoo’s neck doing?


Not u making a joke about someone’s healt condition because someone called out ur fav. ARMYS ARE FUCKING SICK IN THE HEAD

But I wasn’t done…

You don’t want ppl coming for bubble neck then keep your dogs on their leash. Blinks have no morals when it comes to BTS so I’m sure you can handle the same energy back. Foh


It dosen’t change the fact jisoo us about to D word. Cry about it.

Hater Smasher

Fuck you dog


How do u love with this sorry sense of humor…


How can it be voluntary? Yes, other idols enlisted because they eventually had know, because its mandatory. Not everyone needs to show or pretend they are happy about something they dont really have a choice for.

The people who are commenting are just looking to hate now that they cant say anything since bts already confirmed they are enlisting.


I mean tecyeon he did voluntary join the army even though he got exemption. Some idols voluntary enlist earlier than others


Most Korean men aren’t happy about enlistment even if they have to do it but online special snowflakes who are probably female antis and never lift a gun in their life are pro-military now. Knets are so funny sometimes.

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ikr women whining about shit that they are inexperienced in like who are them women to even whine about military when none of them has ever served for their country like women literally had no say in this and should just stfu fr 🤡

Last edited 4 months ago by whatever

Not your country issues not your problem. If korean are mad that they are entittled for it. Stop sucking your oppa thoughtless d1ck

^^^ loser

nah, you think ALL korean men are happy to enlist and slave away almost 2 years of their lives? sacrificing time that they could have spend building their career or with their family?

you think every person in a country that has mandatory enlistment wants to serve?

hop off knetizens dicks why don’t you


go serve yourself for your country first then we’ll talk l0ser

Dot Com

This is the most pathetic 🍆 riding I’ve seen all day. Something being another country’s issue does not free it from global opinion.

Were you absent during class? Or are you naturally dumb?

Stop sucking war mongering organization’s 🍆 because you’re mad your fads never became the BTS you wished them to be.


Koreans arent mad idiot, antis are. I’m a korean…are you? So stfu


Go focus on the sluts you stan obsessed bitch


geez. they can’t even have fun and joke around with their fans without being ridiculed.
like, be for real. why would bts openly complain after being hated countless times about their enlistment?


fawk knets!! i hope bts would take trillions usd they brought there and all the recognition that country got bcuz of bts


???that’s whining??LOL, these miserable incels and kpop fandom. u all are mad coz BTS enlistment means your favs don’t have any single chance for exemption.

WhatsThe Point

There are so many idols who tried evading their enlistment, who didn’t enlist until they got called, who changed their nationality.
He’s voluntarily cancelling his deferment and enlisting what more do yall want him to do?

I’ll be at the frontlines and treating idols abt to enlist the same way y’all did to jin

WhatsThe Point

If BTS was from any other country, they’d be treated way way better.


Knets can be some of the most miserable people in the world. Everything is an issue and it’s so overdone and dragged out.


Y’all will never see a korean men saying they love the military lol


wouldn’t all those other people who have to enlist have the exact same reaction??? lmao


SK must not have a problem at getting new soldiers with so many on pann alone worshipping being in the military. Idky mandatory is even a thing with how enthusiastic these ppl are.

I mean, unless they’re all a bunch of hypocrites who wouldn’t even volunteer to serve if they didn’t have to and are just being bitter abt sm1 else living their lives properly 🤔? No, couldn’t be. How can so many ppl be that pathetic?

Jessica Rabbit

Most of the ones complaining are women, who’ve never had to serve and never will be forced to. They need to stfu.


Knetz are the embarrassment themselves. Leave TaeJin alone


That hag need to serve in silence, why would he be whining everywhere lmao

^^^ loser

everywhere? is one comment everywhere? lol hate makes your brain rot, example 1 is crista


calling him hag wont make your face look any younger you miserable old fuck


Since you’re pro military why don’t you serve for him without whining or excuses? I’m sure they’ll be flexible considering your mental lameness and geriatric appearance


Calling him names while him and his members are the one’s because of whom your faves have roof on over their head and getting food anyways your jealousy is lurking while your faves can just dream to be in BTS shoes

But I wasn’t done…

Another day another declaration that Korea never deserved BTS. Their media decline without BTS will be satisfying.


If stiff jin shut his mouth and serve quietly, nothing would be like this dummy


Lol why are you so mad crista?😂
I wouldn’t be happy too if I spent my birthday in military😅

But I wasn’t done…

Suck cvnt bish


Crista worry about your stiff faves being dozens everywhere and even they can’t give 0 good performance I see why u are jealous of BTS and successful seokjin

Last edited 4 months ago by Kingsized
BTS forever 💜

Hey bitch calling him names wouldn’t make you as beautiful as his left leg toe . Do you understand stinky rat . Fuck you .

アグネス ⁷

He’s always joking with Army like that, and we have no problem with his personality at all. BTS’s weverse is only for Army, outsiders move aside.


why are YALL in his backyard??? like wow he cant be honest with his owb fans now? knetz are the most miserable bunch of people lmaooo


Again, antis are still trying hard to find something to hate BTS. They even monitor weverse which is the platform for the fans only. The antis definitely does not has something to do with their life, so they decided to just hate people who are great than them. So pitiful and disgusting


Well it was thoughtless, I can’t defend him in this, but it was for army so I don’t know


I don’t think it’s whine though. It’s just an honest thought(?) is there anybody would be happy to spent their birthday in basic military training? Lol


you dont need to defend him bcs there’s nothing to defend


It wasn’t thoughtless, he just made humor out of his situation, which is quiet funny if u have better understanding…


Wtf is wrong with them ?!
He always jokes like that . are they mad because he chose to go by himself so they couldn’t hate on him anymore ?
He was talking to his fans not on TV !!! A small comment can be understood in a different ways , how can they claim he’s whining !!!!
Get a fucking life losers


Leave Jin alone, you envious people, Army is sick and tired of you mediocre people always attacking Jin.


U all are bitches whoever is commenting here in the name of knetz you all kpopers can do whatever you want and your faves will still tank and seokjin wasn’t whining he just gave an answer to a question people like you haters are ugly jobless who can’t focus on themselves and their faves


People who are commenting here are morons and bunch of loosers these haters are the one’s whining here and thank God BTS themselves took the decision to join the military now and these loosers girlies and non Korean commenting here should join the military I’m sure Koreans would burn these irrelevant people just keep BTS warm because BTS are the one’s because of whom that country’s economy is growing BTS served their country in every fucking way

Dot Com

How did Tae get involved? Antis never take a rest when coming for his nutz.

Jin always gives it to us straight. No one is excited to go to the military. Knetz are pitiful


Ummm where is the complaining? Lmao they will twist everything this man says or does. Ridiculous


Other idols are “voluntarily” going. They are going bc they are forced to lmao.


The only thing Jin complained about was doing basic training in the cold months since it is painful for his body and that’s why he wanted to go during the summer the hot months but the government wanted BTS to have a free concert in an attempt for the World Expo 2030 bid. The members asked Jin to please wait until after that concert so Jin was already in service by delaying his entry to perform for the government in another capacity. Jin already had his mind made up and the politicians were still trying to get the ministry of defense to exempt the group. Not one member is complaining about serving in the military. They are fed up with the government using them to play politics. Remember, the government dictates mandatory service and BTS is a group of men that although world-class famous artists are humble individuals that do not think of themselves as special in any way or should receive special treatment. People attempt to treat them as such if they are at a restaurant, shopping, etc., and they refuse it. They are average S.Korean citizens more than capable to handle tough workouts high levels of stress and with self-commitment to always achieve their best. So all you haters stop with your lies because no one will believe them not even other haters.


Having opinions of their own is not wrong. What if he wants to stay with his fans army. He already did so much for his country.


Just shut up and enlist every Idols actors who are more famous than you have already enlisted and serving their Country…Aren’t you proud to serve/protect your Country?????

BTS forever 💜

Do you think he gives a shit about your comment bitch , he has his own opinion every one has do you think anyone is listening to you, you are just a brainless bitch trying to hate BTS in every thing you find, will you be happy to spend your birthday in a military base camp ? Just go and die you bitch😡😡


love dick riding the military so much why don’t you do it hannah


Bitch who tf huh? Who is more famous than him and his group ? No one and no one is more famous than them tell ur dream to show u the real world just stfu no one knew about k-pop before BTS and BTS are the one who served their country in every going way who are to tell him if he should go or not Korean people want him and BTS to stay and they said that they would join military again in the place of BTS because BTS already served their whole country because of them their country’s economy grew and you are here doing nothing and hating , making up lies because of jealousy just sit tf down loser

Last edited 4 months ago by Kingsized

Going to military is a big decision even for the people who dream to serve in military giving 2 years of your life at the peak of your career is not a joke. No everyone is born to serve in military. You people have no shame . Finding holes in every thing they say or do to write article’s about it for attention. If you dislike them so much why, waste time on watching everything they do. It’s there life they have every right to do what ever they want and dislike any thing cause they are humans like you and me and no human is perfect.

BTS forever 💜

He is excited about the enlistment
And I think he sounded determined.
No one should be happy for becoming a slave for 2 years .
And Just stop opening your gutter like mouth antis .


they’re acting like idols actually want to go there, if it’s “voluntary” then it’s to have it done more quickly…

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