Netizens criticize EXO Sehun for hanging out with people who are known for being trash

Why is Sehun hanging out with these people?

The person mentioned in this post is called “BJ Kei” who’s known for being trash

This is so frustrating

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1. [+933, -12] Why is only Sehun mentioned in this kind of talk? It’s because Sehun is the same kind of person as them

2. [+804, -4] How can you find a gem among trash?

3. [+712, -9] Sigh, ever since we learned that he was friends with Seungri, this was expected. Why are you surprised by this?

4. [+620, -17] Looks like they are room-salon-friends

5. [+233, -4] Coin fraud, women issues, s*x scandal, room salons.. I have a lot to say but won’t

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