Netizens criticize HYBE after seeing BTS J-Hope walking around alone to find his luggage

Is it reasonable for BTS to go to the airport without a manager?

He was walking around alone to find his luggage

Wow HYBE is too much + What’s worse is that this is at Gimpo Airpor

[+285, -14]

1. [+166, -1] Did Bang Si Hyuk eat all 100 members of the support team? That’s why he’s so fat??

2. [+144, -1] What?.. Having no bodyguard and no manager is too much

3. [+103, -0] F*ck, HYBE is crazy

4. [+86, -0] Wow they deserve hate for this

5. [+76, -0] It’s ridiculous, where did the 100 members of the support team go?

6. [+19, -0] Hobi-ah, congratulations on 1 billion streams

7. [+17, -0] It’s shocking that HYBE doesn’t care about BTS who has been making huge income for years and is still making a lot of money

8. [+12, -0] I’m a fan of another group but what is this? Everyone knows BTS built HYBE, why do they treat BTS like that?;;

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i don’t understand why their immediate response is to hate on their management and assume that they don’t give a fuck about him. maybe he wanted to travel by himself and not have a staff member around?

Lazy Banana

Apparently K-ARMYs have a beef with Hybe. They keep wanting BTS to leave the company. That’s what I see based on tweets of Korean fans and their comments on Korean forums like Nate.


It wasn’t a personal schedule, a manager should have been sent. Why is it only him doesn’t get a person along ?


Even if he ‘wanted’ to chish is ridicules to even consider, he shouldn’t be allowed to do such a thing!! He is on an official schedule media was waiting for him on the airport + FANS. What about his safety? Don’t tell you never heard about what seasang do!!


Nah, bc there’s a longer video showing he later met up with staff and bodyguards right after, so idk what the poster is trying to do here.


Have you never seen seasang filming idols INSIDE the airplane?!!!

WhatsThe Point

They treat 28yo men like kids.. damn if u watch the whole video he later meets the staff.

And the casual fatshaming is disgusting.


He is a grown man but guess what? He is A CELEBRITY!!! Why is joon walking on the airport this week with a manger and THREE bodyguards? Is he a baby then?
Sasenge can ride planes too! Can work on airport and can get into places stop blaming fans for being concerned with their favs safety!!


Why are they acting like he’s a child who flew for the first time in his life and was stranded and lost in the strangest and most dangerous place on earth? 😭


“famous idol who tries to live life and enjoy a few moments of normalcy gets told he’s not allowed to live life and enjoy a few moments of normalcy”


the same people who are trying to victimise him rn are the ones who support fansites who act like sasaengs which is literally the reason bangtan’s privacy is compromised and they can’t even travel normally so yeah fck them


the comment about bang pd is so unnecessary like he’s not BH and Hybe’s CEO anymore guys


also the tannies literally respect the man so much


Pretty sure the man just want to enjoy traveling time by himself


oh no how dare he do that?? he’s a celebrity and since we’re going to support fansites who follow him around bc we think pictures are more important than him being able to live like a normal person outside of performing and working, he should always be with security so those fansites don’t mob him.

(i’m being sarcastic lol)


He’s a grown ass man, definitely not lost. Just need to watch the whole video before jumping into conclusion.


Sending him to promote their new group but cannot even send a manager along. Hybe has always been trash. You’ll only find armys defending a company. Other members clearly had a person along but not him ?


For everyone in the comments yes he is a grown man but guess what? He is A CELEBRITY too!!! This is an official schedule not a personal one and if you don’t know what that means > Media is informed about this before and same goes for anyone who cares enough to know -saseang-. Why would they leave him alone?!!
Sasenge can ride planes too! Can work on airports and can get into places.. so he shouldn’t be left alone for a sec! Fotage of his bandmate in the airport in the same week shows a manger and 3 bodyguards…. Is he a baby then?
Stop blaming fans for being concerned with their favs safety! They have every right to do so.

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