Netizens criticize HYBE for ignoring BTS Jungkook’s solo

BTS Jungkook lost points on music show for the third week because his agency didn’t submit music video for review

It’s been over 3 weeks since BTS Jungkook’s solo song ‘Dreamers’ was released

For reference, Jungkook’s song was #1 on YouTube’s worldwide popular videos for the second week and got over 70 million views in just three weeks, so it’s impossible to get 0 points on YouTube

Jungkook sat in 2nd place at this week’s ‘Show! Music Core’ due to receiving 0 points for YouTube

‘Show! Music Core’ pulls the statistics from Circle Chart

According to Circle Chart, HYBE has yet to submit the “Dreamers” music video for review

1. HYBE hasn’t been working properly since BTS started their individual activities

2. I’m not surprised anymore

3. BTS built all the buildings, but this is ridiculous. Can they pay the rent without BTS?

4. We didn’t ask them to do anything extra, and they didn’t even do the basics, I was really disillusioned with HYBE

5. As expected, BTS’ biggest flaw is their agency

6. The company gets in the way of the singe

7. I don’t know what this agency is doing, are they incompetent, lazy or intentional?

8. I really hate Big Hit, they’re so incompetent

9. Isn’t it because it’s World Cup’s song rather than Jungkook’s solo song?

10. What is his agency doing?

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