Netizens criticize HYBE for ignoring BTS Jungkook’s solo

BTS Jungkook lost points on music show for the third week because his agency didn’t submit music video for review

It’s been over 3 weeks since BTS Jungkook’s solo song ‘Dreamers’ was released

For reference, Jungkook’s song was #1 on YouTube’s worldwide popular videos for the second week and got over 70 million views in just three weeks, so it’s impossible to get 0 points on YouTube

Jungkook sat in 2nd place at this week’s ‘Show! Music Core’ due to receiving 0 points for YouTube

‘Show! Music Core’ pulls the statistics from Circle Chart

According to Circle Chart, HYBE has yet to submit the “Dreamers” music video for review

1. HYBE hasn’t been working properly since BTS started their individual activities

2. I’m not surprised anymore

3. BTS built all the buildings, but this is ridiculous. Can they pay the rent without BTS?

4. We didn’t ask them to do anything extra, and they didn’t even do the basics, I was really disillusioned with HYBE

5. As expected, BTS’ biggest flaw is their agency

6. The company gets in the way of the singe

7. I don’t know what this agency is doing, are they incompetent, lazy or intentional?

8. I really hate Big Hit, they’re so incompetent

9. Isn’t it because it’s World Cup’s song rather than Jungkook’s solo song?

10. What is his agency doing?

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I mean they even somehow always delay BTS solo album shipping affecting their first week charting. Its like they dont want bts solo become too successful n get recognition thus overshadow hybe again. Its so weird.


i prefer it that way due to longevity because you see 1st Korean fans buying, japan, etc.


You need those sales at the release when there is major hype on the song to get good position on charts


If they had adjusted their global and Asian sales properly, most of our members would have been million sellers faster and would have stayed longer on the charts. There’s nothing good about it.


You are clearly clueless about this, huh?


This is exactly it and it’s so frustrating. HYBE wants to show shareholders that the company has lots of successful artists, but when BTS members are outselling the other artists with solo works, it doesn’t look so good. And all they care about is the company, they’re never gonna put BTS first and people need to realize and accept that. I bet Joon tried hard to get that two week delay, otherwise it probably would have been a month.


Bts solos got no playlisting, shippings are late, hybe clearly does not care lmao


if we compare jhope, jin & rm playlisting, jin got the best out of the 2 so far while including jungkook


Jk got playlisting bc left and right and dreamers aren’t under hybe but other companies…


Jk got playlisting when the song was already doing good in charts. It’s never because of any work from Hybe or Fifa or Atlantic


How? Jin didn’t get playlisting and shipping to Japan/us/Europe was a month after release like????


it comes to FIFA though; they do copyright on yt/twitter/etc, the music video they didn’t put in the music category which impacted to entry the bb charts, the only good thing FIFA is doing is giving him playlisting because that’s their song & the only song of FIFA quatar doing so well


Regardless of that, Jungkook is still BH artist, they should look out for him, or in any case for BTS name, after all they insist in @ BTS in every individual project of JK
There has been so many mistakes with L&R release, and even more for Dreamers, it’s like they don’t care at all about JK, he could’ve broken so much more records and win awards if BH did the bare minium inspection that everything is going accordingly


I get what you’re saying but it still comes down to FIFA, or more specifically, 2101 Records, who owns ‘Dreamers,’ the song and the MV, for things like this. Just like how L&R, the song and MV, are owned by Atlantic Record Group. Bc these labels hold the licenses to the songs and BHM/Hybe doesn’t.

It’s like how Megan can’t use ‘Butter remix’ or Halsey can’t use BwL however they want just bc they’re on the track. There’s probably some agreement with the other labels that limit how outside artists (by that, I mean, artists on the track who aren’t part of the label that owns the song) and outside labels can use these tracks.

Otoh, idk how much Hybe/BHM could’ve negotiated for more control over the use of these songs either, esp as these aren’t Korean companies.

Tho, I’d say I’m more peeved at the half-hearted promotions ‘Stay Alive’ got bc it’s a song completely under the BHM label, yet the focus of the promotion was so heavily on the webtoon. They could’ve easily promoted the song as its own single as well (like how some movie OSTs have done, such as ‘See You Again’ from the F&F franchise). Yet the MV didn’t even have the full song 😑


I’m not even gonna read the whole thing bc just the first paragraphs doesn’t even make sense. You’re talking about Megan when she just did a rap for a remix of butter, just like Nicki did for Idol
We’re talking about Dreamers, a song that JK took part in composition, he performed and FIFA personally asked for his participation.
BH is not a new company, why can’t they protect JK rights on it? Saying the rights belong to other company is the easiest way to wipe off their responsibility. And I mentioned BTS credits, bc BH like to mention l&r and dreamers achievements under the group name but never do anything for them. Pretty hypocrite if you ask me


bighit doesn’t have the rights, i swear kpop fans like you think they know the music industry when in reality you don’t. all those problems should be directed at FIFA but y’all liked to blame the company for other companies mistakes like the problem should’ve been solved if y’all directed the anger to the FIFA


You stink of company stan.
And anyway, who says we aren’t complaining to FIFA and MC too for their mistakes? But still BH must be held responsible bc they must look for the best interest for their artist. But there’s always an issue after another with jk releases (plural, bc it’s not only dreamers) and we’re tired


they can’t reproduce a song or video without the rights holders being involved. there’s a reason most companies only share a couple of sns posts about ost songs or collaborations. many reasons. complicated reasons that would involve a lot of lawyers if they did the wrong thing.


But the music video is under fifa, so they couldn’t just submit the mv for review.


Jungkook is still under BH, that means they have to make sure that their artists rights are protected. BH is not a newbie company, they know what their artist need


But the production is licensed by FIFA, they hold the exclusive right, what could HYBE do? There is a reason why SNS points is not counted


Wondering how the HYBE cock munchers would defend this

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Idk if I’m more tired of Bighit fuck ups or people trying to defend them regardless of how much it keeps affecting Jungkook the lack of interest of his own agency
Y’all can say that Dreamers isn’t under BH but it’s still their obligation to look out for the release, after all they partaken on the project, BTS is also added and JK is a songwriter of Dreamers, how could they not know? how could they clean their hands just like that? I’m appalled tbh


y’all act like this is the first time bts was added to another member just singing it, its up to the other artists label decision to do that. it happened with sugar with halsey/juice world & the upcoming collab with Pharrell with his album with just two members on the track


But don’t the streams of Dreamers go to both bts and jungkook? Additionally, the addition of bts is nothing new. In the past, bts was added to the collaborations of other members. The bad thing, this is jungkook’s song but jungkook’s monthly listeners etc increases very little because of Spotify.


Hybe is funking getting on my nerves… namjoon could have a top5 bb200 debut if it wasn’t for late shipping too.


The fact that RM still posting about his achievements n said he still does care about charting, really feel annoyed to see hybe keep on delaying bts solo album shipping.

Also looking at how happy jhope showing off his jitb vinyl, its so annoying to see how hybe dont care to properly distributing bts albums.


They really get so happy at the slightest success. If Hybe had done its job properly, there would have been more success by now.


No it’s so true though hybe couldn’t care less for jungkook’s solo. The man was called to Qatar and he performed at the main event for the freaking world cup and bighit couldn’t care less. Like this is such a big deal. Others would have been milking this achievement for years. But Bighit/hybe can’t even post articles about Jungkook’s historic achivement. So shitty. I always loved their ot7 agenda but this is getting out of hand now. Now that ot7 is on a break they’re gonna sabotage the potential of the member’s solos?????


To Ot7 to solo projects
Hybe is sabotaging both
No promo or any marketing push , even small companies are doing better supporting their artists


Other kmedias can post about JK fifa achievements so idk why hybe dont care to post about it. Its so annoying.


Cmon, Dreamer is a foreign production licensed by FIFA. There is a reason why they don’t count the sns point for it


If bighit can upload jungkook dreamers performance on bangtantv, they pretty sure know to ask for fifa about jk mv views. But they just dont want to.


Dreamers has always been rocky from the very start , from the Fifa’s side suddenly dropped the song earlier than what BH stated, took down even the performance video on BTS’ channel, not sure how in South Korea works but can BH put this mv that is not under them to go under review there ? I didn’t remember if there are any singers that have the same situation as Dreamers cause everything from Dreamers are not from BH’s side to handle like the MV and even on music platforms .

But I hope Hybe get their shit together by next year , like idk if this is their way of them trying to show to their investors that they can not depend on BTS all the time but if it is then this method is suck and terrible. The late shipping annoys me so bad .


Bts maknae line capable to get #1 on bb 200 n can effortlessly get 1mil album sales in first week. Hope they stop delaying bts solo album shipping. I hope BTS noticed about the complains n asking hybe to properly distribute their album.


Non issue. Bighit don’t own the copyrights, Jungkook’s opening performance on BangtanTV even got copyrighted so how can they have the rights to submit the music video that isn’t theirs? And you think FIFA care enough for a Korean music show’s trophy to do it? even BH probably don’t think it’s a big deal to annoy FIFA over it lol. Solo stans really have worms for brain. I don’t like Bighit’s management myself but everything is not always their fault. Keep your energy for Jungkook’s solo album, your energy should be spent there if BH ever fvck that up.

Last edited 3 months ago by Colin

As if armys are more intelligent than solos lmao you guys are even worse for defending the label. Do you stan BTS or BH? You don’t know how copyright works and yet you talked about it. If they can include FIFA Jungkook in their game, they can at least help guiding them to submit the video. And don’t worry about our energy. It will remains constant regardless what kind of solo project that Jungkook will be having in the future. ✌


i don’t have to defend them because this is such a non issue. i just think you guys are overreacting. imagine annoying FIFA just for a music show trophy pls. do you see bighit calling FIFA saying, ” can you please submit JK’s music video to MBC music core who is btw, our enemy so that he can win a little trophy where he won’t ever come to promote???” lol make it make sense… this is why people hate kpop stans

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The way you replied is exactly why armys will forever be enslaved to everything that BH do. They can give you the bare minimum and yet you will still be satisfied. Jungkook’s solo releases this year has been anything but smooth. Even if it’s webtoon OST, western collab and World Cup OST, all have their own problems and through it all BH did nothing. And you think this is non issue? If you read the og post at theqoo, see if you can come up with excuses for every single thing that has happened to him.


my comment is only meant for this particular outrage about him not winning music core. i know very well how incompetent BH/HYBE is with other issues. but i won’t group them together just because it’s easier to blame them than other people (FIFA or MuCore). put your energy to something else (like the delaying shipment, shipping cost or something)where it’s clearly HYBE’s fault but this? it won’t go anywhere just saying.


It won’t go anywhere if you don’t give a damn. Look at how being silent leads them to multiple negligence towards the group who supposed to be the one who made them who they are today. The least we can do is make them know that we are watching their moves because they are not being subtle about how they treat Bangtan’s solo career. You do you and I’ll stick to mine.


You showed you know nothing about all JK released this year, not only Dreamers, all his songs have many problems. What did BH do? NOTHING…Fans take care all.
Stop giving excuse for that company if you know nothing or you are company stan or JK anti.


They have to communicate to Katara music/United Masters label not FIFA. And you’re saying hybe doesn’t care about Korean music shows? Then why are they sending their other groups to those shows? Jungkook is just starting out as a soloist and for him it’s important.


hybe is shit but isn’t the music video under FIFA’s copyright?can they submit it without their permission?
but again they could get the permission from FIFA couldn’t they?


That’s what we all wanna know too


They can definitely communicate to katara labels/united masters label to send mv to the Korean music shows. But looks like they don’t care about solo achievements.


HYBE is BTS main enemy


This is ridiculous. Already dreamers was sabotaged by YouTube and Spotify when it was released. Now he lost 2-3 prizes that he can easily get guaranteed. One of the reasons for all of this is hybe. He beat bangtan and jungkook to get an award for his gg. This is so disgusting. I don’t understand how it doesn’t give children their due. There is probably no other song as sabotaged as Dreamers so sad for jungookie and tannies 😭

Teenaged puppy

#9 gets it


Why are we arguing over this matter? Dreamers is Jungkook’s solo song. Yess! But the lisence isn’t BH’s. Its FIFA. I love Jungkook to death, but this ain’t it! If Hybe do a promotion, then they cross their boundaries bcs Hybe would look like they monetize the song when they couldn’t bcs the copyright holder is FIFA. He will have his own solo albums and songs which released officially by BH next year at the soonest.


We know the license belong to FIFA but bh is still the artist’s that us JK’s company. They have to make sure the problems that his releases face gets fixed soon. They have to means to communicate the issue to labels, music show producers and even to music platform. Instead everytime it’s us fans putting in all the labor every time there is a screw up.
Also regarding promotions, all we expected was they posting articles from kmedia and elsewhere on their social media and hype the success of dreamers like they do for all solo releases. But instead they behaved like the song doesn’t exist.

Last edited 3 months ago by theodore

I’m not defending BH, but have you ever thought that it needs time to get a permission from the other record labels? Is it fan who need to fulfill the necessary requirements to do that? No. Behind the scene, BH has to fulfill some of the requirements which set by FIFA and their official record label, to be able to promote a song. As a fan, you just could demand..and demand..and demand. Now, BH has been promoting Dreamers on twt. But you would thought “oh..its bcs us!”.


So now that they could post 2 tweets it makes it clear that they were always capable of doing that but chose not to for some reason. Posting articles does not need permission btw. Also no there is no way to defend them over not being pro active for their biggest artists the way they are for their newer groups.

Grace Walker

People need to stop with the blaming game. Educate yourself about the music industry before complaining about everything.


Education also includes asking questions, you know. That’s what we have been doing asking them but so far no response. Back then during Left & Right, Charlie Puth and his team constantly communicate with us so we know what’s up. All we ask is for some clarification from their behalf, that’s it.


Jk and Charlie Puth’s song was a personal release which maybe has been negotiated for some time by the two labels. The two side of record labels has come to agreement of some sort of how to do promotional stuffs BEFORE release time. PLUS, Its CHARLIE PUTH’s song with Jungkook as a collabolator. Ofc, Charlie side would be the one who got the rights to promote it FIRST.

Dreamers in the other hand, is a special released song for a special occasion. Its not entirely the same. Istg, fans like you only knows how to demand and blame others w/o considering the other factors. OF IT WAS, Jungkook’s personal song, I would be MAD too. But, the FACT..its not! FIFA got the full copyright to the song. BH needs to fulfill some requirements if BH wants to promote it too.

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Reading your article helped me a lot and I agree with you. But I still have some doubts, can you clarify for me? I’ll keep an eye out for your answers.

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