Netizens criticize HYBE for treating BTS Jin’s first solo album badly

They said BTS Jin’s album is out of stock

Is this an album that they made last minute or something?

The fact that they can’t sell it because they don’t have it

For first week album sales, artists are only given 1 week so if it’s shipped after this given time, it won’t count

HYBE must have not known that Jin’s album would sell this much

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Some comments on Pann

Is their company intentionally trying to decrease his first week sales or something?

Isn’t it a good thing if an artist achieves high first week album sales? Why is HYBE doing this? They really want to reduce their dependence on BTS

They’re just doing everything they can to get in the way of BTS

BTS must leave HYBE

The record is so important to the singer, but after a few years, people won’t even know about these controversies. Jin’s fans must be annoyed

HYBE should close Weverse business

It’s his first solo album in 10 years, and they’re handling it in this manner?

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Solos are so dramatic as always lol
i know they would jump me calling me a company stan or whatever but I can’t just ignore how they act like they don’t know what happened and just spit any nonsense that goes with their agenda and view like we all know
1- jin said in the festa’dinner his album would probably the last one to be released
2- in the last live he said he was supposed to enlist in the summer hence this release wasn’t actually planned.
3- I don’t remember if it was jin or chris martin but one of them said they started this project in August like literally only thought of creating a song just barely three months before the release and amidst bts preparations for the concert so creating the concept, taking the photos and shooting the mv was in a short period of time that make the album production be delayed which results to the delay in the shipment to other countries .
4- jin himself said that chris martin agreed to make the second verse in korean rather than English just a day before the shooting of the mv and since jin probably shoot the mv on his last trip to the US in the mid of September so they probably only finalize the album at the end of the month that only give a month to the factory to make the album for domestic release and also ship it to overseas which is probably was impossible to do hence the delay for the release in japan to the end of November and for US and Europe to December. Case closed , there’s actually no place for conspiracy theory if you put the facts together and used your head a bit .


The Astronaut was a CLEAR hasty project, pretty sure it was implied from the festa dinner that Jin had planned to release music AFTER his enlistment but he probably thought he couldn’t say goodbye to armys without leaving them a song so he only started to do this project last August/September

and the company probably assumed that he wont be releasing physicals like what hobi wanted for his album but then Jin changed his mind.

like yall need to chill, jin is a guaranteed million seller by the end of the year anyways


Yeah I agreed with this , I do understand the frustration cause I was a bit frustrated too at first of this but logically this probably what happened behind the scene.

yes hi

jin solo stans like to victimize him a lot but at the same time make posts of him making his own decisions like which one is it? jin is doing so well like there’s nothing to be angry about


However Chris Martin in his concert said he got a call from Jin about half a year ago talked about wanted to release a song in Before his enlistment in December. If that was the case, Jin wasn’t even plan to enlist in summer. And could have started to prepare earlier as well. So I don’t think the time is very tight to compose a song

CeCyane '💜Ready for 🏖️ 🏟💜'

you need to watch jin vweverse live. he said it there that he gonna enlisted in june.

That was not what Chris Martin said in his concert, Chris said he got a call from Jin six months ago talked about wanted to release a song before December, because he had to enlist before his birthday, Jin could lie to fans.

Bring back discuss

People will complain regardless…

If jin enlisted without releasing music, solos would say that bh didn’t give him a chance before leaving

He did a quick project with a grand performance and variety show appearances and solos complain because the cd is out of stock. How many cds do you expect to be printed in 2 weeks?? They only care about bragging to other stans.

By December, I’m pretty sure he would have sold 1.5 million copies at least!

WhatsThe Point

Pretty sure he planned the astronaut after June, and making physical copies of the album takes time, manufacturing takes time, lots of logistics are involved.

Y’all need to live in real world and talk to real people before logging onto the internet cuz y’all sound dumb

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