Netizens criticize HYBE for treating BTS Jin’s first solo album badly

They said BTS Jin’s album is out of stock

Is this an album that they made last minute or something?

The fact that they can’t sell it because they don’t have it

For first week album sales, artists are only given 1 week so if it’s shipped after this given time, it won’t count

HYBE must have not known that Jin’s album would sell this much

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Some comments on Pann

Is their company intentionally trying to decrease his first week sales or something?

Isn’t it a good thing if an artist achieves high first week album sales? Why is HYBE doing this? They really want to reduce their dependence on BTS

They’re just doing everything they can to get in the way of BTS

BTS must leave HYBE

The record is so important to the singer, but after a few years, people won’t even know about these controversies. Jin’s fans must be annoyed

HYBE should close Weverse business

It’s his first solo album in 10 years, and they’re handling it in this manner?

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