Netizens criticize Jennie’s acting in episode 4 of ‘The Idol’

[The Idol] Jennie’s acting scene in episode 4

She always has short lines, but today she has a relatively long line

1. She should just be a singer

2. That was my first thought, but she looks like Kim Ah Joongㅋㅋㅋ

3. I don’t know about her acting and I’m jealous that she doesn’t have any trapezius muscles

4. She can’t act

5. She’s not very good at acting

6. Her acting is so bad

7. Her shoulders are so pretty

8. She’s seriously bad at acting

9. She really can’t act

10. Her expressions look awkward

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It’s alwys those army who hate Jennie that say this cause she was praised by locals and by Koreans on YouTube so what bull is this


She must do something good to be praised . i am not even army but It’s ridiculous to say that they do everything


Nah which locals you talking about. Those just blink n clout chaser medias. Any fans of drama/movie can notice how awkward she is in acting. Its so obvious she not taking acting lesson.


But why do blinks take everything negative to be “hate”. If someone objectively is a bad actor, people are gonna say so. It isn’t “hate” 😂 This show has NOT A SINGLE good actor in it, including ur fave


Locals = Seoul Cycle stans


She’s desperate for that western validation and clout. Embarrassing and pathetic. Can’t even fckin act and expects to be known in Hollywood. Who’s gonna tell miss lazy that you don’t get everything on silver platter.


Here’s a tip, stop giving her relevance. I noticed long ago she always gets involved with controversial shit so that she gets talked about. So I stopped paying attention to her because I realised she’s actually irrelevant without her scandals


Well you cant expect more from girl who says she is being herself when acting in a p0rn show that promotes r@pe fantacy


Her acting is so horrible


thank fuck this shit show is ending actually.


What you can expect girl who dont put effort in performing to actually put effort in acting lmao. She so used everything being handed to her. Deserve criticisms because more talented actress should have get that role.


She should stick to being an influencer. I mean it’s pretty obvious she is not interested in performing anymore and her acting is not at all good.
She is a great influencer and she should do what she is good at. But I hope from now on she takes better knowledge about what she is presenting to her audience. And refrain from presenting garbages like these in future.


Media play that she’s a great influencer outside of Korea. Her engagements are shit


Except Lily none of them can act tbh, and Lily isn’t even considered a good actress


I just don’t think she has the face for it

Woo Young Woo

Apparently she’s being considered for an Emmy and a Grammy for her “outstanding performance”


Prob paying her way to that too


lol you mean she paid forbes to claim that…


Think positive. Maybe it’s just Forbes being sarcastic


Dogs=ur dad?


i get criticism of bad acting but this woman routinely get horrific amount of online abuse
on daily basis


She loves the attention she got from it


Imagine how other idols feel that get abused without the defense team she has. She’s coddle and that’s why she treats y’all like atms


she does it on purpose, noise marketing. why do you think she ‘s the only one in the group whose relationships always get revealed. it’s PR relationships.


Jennie wants to have everything while putting bare minimum effort in every job she has picked up. Girlie was bragging about not taking any lessons or putting in effort as this role was natural to her. She takes everything for granted and her blind and brainwashed fandom keeps on hyping up this dozen. There is not a single thing she is good at and girlie has never had to work hard ever in her life. Her rich mom and yg always pulling the strings for this silver spoon ugly mess. I despise people like her the most. Disgusting


Even Mia Khalifa did a better job in her pornos than the Seoul Cycle ever did in this amateur porn show


1. She should be a singer.

Yeah, well the problem is that she can’t sing, write, compose or produce either. And she looks miserable at every concert.

She should stick to what she’s actually good at, posting pics on IG.


what a fucking flop. everyone involved in that show is a pos.


Embarrassing hag. She can’t act, sing, rap, dance or complete on concert without tapping out half way. She’s trash


Tannie, Mickey and Bam?


Why she looks so bad? She is only 27, but looks worst than some 35


I guess too much party, drugs, sex addict and effort for being porn actress make her aging fastly

Jon Xina

Social climbing mud skipper. She tried to suck her way to western relevance but ended up in a drama that tanked and was cancelled before it even finished airing and ended up with a collab with most ML artist on Spotify and the most popular male singer in the world and after a single day was out of every single world chart.

Didn’t even enter the Melon 1000. Loser.


forget about acting, she’s actually too ugly on this show eww


Jendogs are so unaware of their own breed lmao

Like Crazy

She’s even worse that Jisoo, i didn’t know it was possible


She seriously looks plain ugly without all that luxurious styling by YG. See the difference between her insta, ads edited pics and videos vs Hollywood content where they do minimal editing. Jennie has always been ugly with a toddler asslesss body edited to look appealing and on top of that she can’t act, sing, dance, write, compose, is lazy and problematic. Talk about all the red flags of a talentless hag.


Tae downgraded with this ugly bitch. Imagine being thee visual and you pick this hamster looking toad.


it’s a PR relationship. she was travelling for many months and you think he’d never come to see her even once in any other locations if she was really his gf? no one saw them in Seoul either. then they came out in Paris, close to the Eiffel Tower, without masks and let a reporter record them. it just sounds too convenient. same with how convenient it is that she’s the only one in the group that always has bf revealed… this isn’t her first PR relationship.

Taehyung is probably paid well for it. I’m sure HYBE didn’t agree to it but Taehyung hasn’t renewed his contract (it ends in Novemeber) and does whatever he wants.

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why did she look like she was about to cry or laugh in that first scene

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