Netizens criticize NCT Dream for winning Artist of the Year at the 2022 Genie Music Awards

Artist of the Year at the 2022 Genie Music Awards – NCT Dream

Album of the Year, Singer of the Year and Song of the Year are Daesangs

Singer of the Year – NCT Dream
Song of the Year – Lim Young Woong ‘Our Blues’

1. What song did they release this year?

2. Is it the SM Music Awards?

3. People don’t even know what song they’ve released this year

4. What? Is this the music award ceremony?

5. It’s a music awards ceremony, right????

6. Seriously, I can’t even remember any of their songs; Are there any male idols who did better than female idols this year?

7. Well, I thought it was IVE, I’m curious about all the Genie criteria

8. Not IVE, not (G)I-DLE, not BTS, not Lim Young Woong, but NCT Dream?

9. IVE? (G)I-DLE? BTS? Lim Young Woong?

10. What the hell??

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Sm paid the way


What they do is humiliate this group by giving them awards they obviously do not deserve. 


probably the meanest thing sm has ever done to this group. they seemed not to care if their artists receive many hates or not


do you guys think lyw’s fans would protest just like they did for the mubank’s show


probably, going straight to the police those ahjummas got life experience, money and time


maybe they will, maybe they won’t. he still got the most awards last night on GMA so I’m not sure

Happiness is the key

Netizens should get a job atp and stop criticizing everything. If all of you have already convinced yourself it’s an attendance award. Then why are you crying over that thing which you already knew. Look at it. Say ‘I knew it’ and so on your merry way like a normal person.
It’s like you knew you are gonna get cheated if you gonna be with your partner fully knowing the fact they cheated before still you gave them a chance. And when they once again cheat on you. You blame them. Like no bich you knew what they gonna do so why you crying over a fact you already knew.
Here these knetz and kpoppies already know it’s an attendance award but still crying over a fact that a group attending this award get this award but not their group who wasn’t attending. Like stop. So something. Get a life. Get a job. Get married. Just do something rather than criticizing everything you see in kpop. Your faves ain’t gonna give you a degree or a job or a home or car. No bich you need to do it yourself and it’s only possible if you stop crying over successful people snubs by other successful people. Award functions works like this only and if you don’t like it don’t watch it. Nothing is fair in this world you ppl better learn to accept that fact.


Nshitty zen talking blah blah blah

Happiness is the key

Bich I am not a nshitty or whatever zen just someone already done with you jobless and mindless ppl hypocrisy. Hating on other ppl won’t cut off their income but you may get a blood pressure for sure.


“happiness is the key” btch follow ur username and logout because ur losing it and need to find ur happiness again


this whole essay

Happiness is the key

You don’t have to read or see but you want to comment fan behaviour to me honestly

Happiness is the key

Ppl are acting like their faves not getting one award from God knows what function is gonna taint their career. Like no bich. Gp don’t work like that. Awards don’t actually determines who is more popular and who is not. Ariana Grande didn’t get grammys like until 2019 and got one on collab with Gaga in 2021. But did her not getting Grammy made her any less artist than other ppl. No she is THE BIGGEST STAR in the world of music. Weeknd didn’t get any grammy award. Nicki didn’t get any Grammy award. But they still ON TOP OF THEIR GAMES. Trust me awards means shit. If they are releasing good music ppl gonna listen to it. You don’t need an award to prove your valuability in music or any art. So stop criticizing ppl for getting anything and let’s appreciate art as an art and don’t be too negative. Let’s not be harsh on any artist please they all go through enough shits in their life.


not reading that essay

Happiness is the key

Yeah I know uneducated ppl don’t know how to read

Happiness is the key

Just to add. Ppl often ask what’s wrong with world nowadays just see here. Blind followers will only follow hollow words. As someone said. No one believed Jesus Christ. Just like here no one belives the actual truth or listen to what someone is really trying to say. Once you all ppl will get really strong holdback in your life’s you will ask yourself what you did wrong but it will be too late then.


omg get help


I was agreeing with your previous comments but what’s with this one lol


lol talking about knetz and kpoppies crying when you’re the one writing essays


A whole book just defend that undeserving award… Nct stans are something else….


any fandom will try to defend their favorites when something like this happens. it has happened before to some groups and they did the same thing


Man you wrote the most sanest shit ever. Seems like people rather than reading what’s really written are cursing you out. I am not an nctzen but I can tell you guys are really sane compared to this other fandom. Like read what has been written before jumping onto conclusions. Man yout wrote the right thing just at the wrong place. Downvotes ain’t gonna make your words untrue.


i’d be embarrassed if i was them but thank god sm idols are shameless flops who have no problem accepting fraudulent awards

Yoo yaho

don’t agree ???
NCT D : I don’t care!!!
Netizens a.k.a fans A, b, c, d : blah blah blah blah …
ha ha ha

Happiness is the key

Dont worry some ppl are just born haters like ppl over here. Their lives is miserable so they think writing bad comments and downvoting a known fact is gonna make their life a little easier. I hope NCT grows more. I dont stan them but hate for these boys is just too much especially from these flop nobodies who only think k-pop is their entire life.

But I wasn’t done…

Are they not embarrassed to even accept that award??? Money was exchanged for sure


what do you even expect them to do tho? pulling an adele? that’s not possible. they probably found it unbelievable too but it’s not like they can step back and said, “we don’t deserve this award” then refusing the award lol


Where is the Blue House petition. Lol.

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