Netizens criticized after seeing V wearing his double necklace with Jennie at the airport

V appeared at the airport with his double necklace

V wore his double necklace with Jennie and made a ‘V’ pose in front of the camera at the airport

[+324, -21]

1. [+285, -24] V is infatuated with his relationship with Jennie. He’s always acted like he’s so cool. His narcissism is severe

2. [+259, -42] He has no manners with his fans

3. [+193, -20] Why can’t the two of them let go of their couple items..?

4. [+175, -16] If he’s going this far, what will happen to the fans who were shielding him and denying this relationship?ㅋㅋ

5. [+136, -19] I really hate double items

6. [+44, -3] Kim Taehyung, now everything seems fake….. I wonder if he posted the pictures on Instagram for ARMYs to see or his girlfriend

7. [+43, -0] What’s even more funny is that he always acts like that and the fans always pretend like they don’t knowㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+25, -0] At this point, isn’t he fighting with his agency because his agency doesn’t confirm the relationship?

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