Netizens criticized after seeing V wearing his double necklace with Jennie at the airport

V appeared at the airport with his double necklace

V wore his double necklace with Jennie and made a ‘V’ pose in front of the camera at the airport

[+324, -21]

1. [+285, -24] V is infatuated with his relationship with Jennie. He’s always acted like he’s so cool. His narcissism is severe

2. [+259, -42] He has no manners with his fans

3. [+193, -20] Why can’t the two of them let go of their couple items..?

4. [+175, -16] If he’s going this far, what will happen to the fans who were shielding him and denying this relationship?ㅋㅋ

5. [+136, -19] I really hate double items

6. [+44, -3] Kim Taehyung, now everything seems fake….. I wonder if he posted the pictures on Instagram for ARMYs to see or his girlfriend

7. [+43, -0] What’s even more funny is that he always acts like that and the fans always pretend like they don’t knowㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+25, -0] At this point, isn’t he fighting with his agency because his agency doesn’t confirm the relationship?

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It’s not even the same necklace as hagnnie


Delulu rat tryna deny shit again, its from foundrae necklace


GD also has a foundrae necklace, are they a trouple then?


Source: my delulu nut brain. Where the pic of gd wearing them necklace then



these knetz were on dr*gs, go get a f*cking life


All this because jungc0ck doesn’t have his millimeter cawk buried inside slvthyungs flat @ss


just let him act like a normal person ffs


4. [+175, -16] If he’s going this far, what will happen to the fans who were shielding him and denying this relationship?ㅋㅋ

Best comment of the day


The “fans” who were shielding and denying him are just a bunch of shippers and solos. What will happen to them? Good riddance! And never comeback. He’s 27 y/o. The fact that he dated in public was a clear message that he didn’t want to hide his relationship. And its perfectly fine! Armys may hate blonk who slandered BTS members, but we never hate BP if we’re not provoked.


You armpits want to belivr that jungc0ck is fawking Wh0rehyung. So anytime there is a woman near those 2 you guys attack the woman


netizens ? More like other k-akgaes lmao


first flood of allegedly leaked pics were posted when this muthe fuvker`s first magazine cover was coming out and pisspink had first comback after 2 years and now that his album is coming again these ugly ass photos are getting leakeed again???? aside from him looking like the ugliest ajhussi this bastard is such a nasty clout chaser always abusing fame and putiing bts into shame I hate him why h doesnt leave the group he does nothing for the grou

Teenaged puppy

Shut up, whore


Spilled, he has no respect to the fans. It’s true that idols dont owe fans anything, but if he’s doing this in public, why not just admit formally? It’s as if they are doing this on purpose, they enjoy the rumors, the noise fcking shameless

Jimin got yes jams

Ugliest jenhag needs to stop fueling rumours by wearing the outfits from leaked pic

Jimin got yes jams

Even Taehyungs toe is prettier than jenhags whole existence. Bfr


Those 6 ugly visual holes are always grateful that he bought so many fans to bts. Maybe you should also learn from them. You nasty hagg


Don’t talk about hagnnie like that 🤭


Slvthyung is most likely happily being passed around by French men right now. That h0e can’t close his legs

Teenaged puppy

And Hagnnie’s stans once again making her a victim. It’s her only talent at this point


Poor jennie might need to buy an inhaler from all that second hand smoke

Teenaged puppy

Looks like she needs no help in the lack of air department seeing as she’s always two seconds from passing out on stage in front of you twinks.


Worry about smoker boi vslvt being beaten by his alcoholic husband uglykook for these rumours 🤣🤣

Teenaged puppy

As we speak Tae selling jenwhore to the highest bider on the Paris streets. She don’t go for much because her holes are so stretched but $1 a fuck is good enough


Jennieslut pet 😂

spicy spice

grab your popcorn and watch both army and blinks slutshamming each other lmao.


Slvthyung deserves it. His fans belive his 🕳 is filled with junc0cks cvm ever night


what should we name or new gorgeous couple ? STD couple


Sound good tho


He’s not dating jenhag or anyone from kpop 💀


Is vslvt and her husband jungc0ck 🤣🤣




Why do non fans act so concerned for us lmao we’re fine as long as he’s happy so leave us alone 😂😂


They are old enough and they have been in entertainment industry for years now so I think being in a relationship is ok.


Nasty armpits and jenhag stans mind your business. These pics are fabricated, he has 0 interest in ugle jenhag or those ugle musty men you guys keep shipping him with.


Dude calm down the fact is they already fuckin around and had sex everywhere


Stupid Koreas. Always talking shit. Be grateful to bts. Bts bought Korea to map.


You know that’s the taste of dating slut

Last edited 6 months ago by Lielie

Koreans don’t deserve him 😒 Jealous ugly kntez 🙄 I hope he leaves Korea, he’s way to beautiful to be associated to that country


Actually korean loves jungkook and other member more than him🤷🏻‍♀️


Those are 2 different brands. Dint know jenugly had copyrights to “double necklace” style🤔

Last edited 6 months ago by GigaPrincess

And what is this title? “Appeared with jennie at airport” tf you guys on??


Aw I guess now that they know jungC0ck isn’t fawking slvthyungs @ss. Armpits are sad 😥


he’s obsessed with her 😍😍😍 he’s flying all over the world just to see her. thank god he’s jobless


I’m cryin


people should talk about it more.
nah g dragon dating jennie when he met her as a minor is mega fucking weird


Same. g dragon has known jennie since she was 15, a minor and yall dont think its a little weird?


they met when she was 16 and had her as a love interest in his music video as a minor. Also with g dragon being known as a racist kpop idol having done blackface and said the n word I have seen some people saying that Jennie is racist too. Also both have couple bracelets, necklaces, stuff. And even though jennie didn’t have any event, they were in paris same day.I think the two are still together. You can even see that they’re together from the posts of mutual friends. I don’t understand why people talk about tae and jennie. Jennie keeps herself in the spotlight thanks to tae. Even though a cosplay of tae came her ck event🙈


Due to that ugly fad Jennie is getting so much hate from his stupid fandom.

Jimin got yes jams

Pls don’t call jennie ugly fad. Even tho she is the ugliest fad


Stop calling jennie ugly! She’s not ugly. You are not real Blink


I recommend all ppl over here to date and mond their own lives. I don’t even stan neither of them but ppl dragging them unnecessary just for dating is super weird.


Looking at this what if Mina and Jeno are also in same situation 👀. I mean there is also evidences for them and none of their agencies even try to comment on these rumors when we know SM comments way faster on these things. I mean I am just saying…


I mean SM addressed Doyoung and Taeyong dating issue within a day when that issue was not even 1% blown up like Jeno and Mina was. JYPE also addressed Sullyoon and Hyunjin dating rumor in speed of lightning. But with these two. When they were a freaking talk of the town for a week on huge level. Radio silent. I mean weird. Very weird.
I won’t be surprised if their video or pics starts to surface too.


Free Taehyung from Koreans fr 💀🥱


Their comments are the best. 💯


Those losers really think we care if he has gf ? We are his fans for who he is ; his music, proyects and personality not bc of who he fucks with or not. ” Knetz ” GET A LIFE.


Oh v your taste in women kinda meh
So how’s her blowjob and vagina?

WhatsThe Point

I knew this would happen, y’all will hyper focus on anything but his music, yall will hate him just for existing.
None of yall are normal, he’s getting hated on for wearing some accessory, next what? Yall will hate on him when his album will release too, overanalyzing his lyrics and shit.

purple axolotl

Lack of respect for your fans? I will not get tired of saying KNOW YOUR PLACE, WE ARE NOTHING MORE THAN FANS AND THAT DOES NOT GIVE US THE RIGHT TO ANYTHING

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