Netizens criticized after Yunho made his comeback as an actor after 5 years

U-Know Yunho to come back as an actor after 5 years… ‘Race’ alongside Lee Yeon Hee and Hong Jong Hyun

Yunho will be joining the new drama ‘Race’, written by screenplay writer Kim Roo Ri of ‘Hyena’, as the main character

1. What’s wrong with the cast?… Who’s good at acting?

2. Lee Yeon Hee? Is she still under SM?

3. If the male lead is U-Know Yunho and the female lead is Lee Yeon Hee, who will act?

4. Why does he keep wanting to be an actor? I really don’t understand…

5. He’s not good at acting, so why?

6. The crew doesn’t care about acting?

7. Hong Jong Hyun can’t act either.. The lineup is crazy, I don’t want to see U-Know Yunho on TV

8. Who will act????

9. I’m sorry but it’s already funnyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. SM is the best company for celebrities

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