Netizens criticized for only 5 singers singing live at the 2022 MMA

MMA’s cue sheet leaked, only 5 singers sing live

The groups who did band live or MR are ENHYPEN, 10cm, MONSTA X, Lim Young Woong and Melomance

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1. They didn’t sing live but they still pretended to sing live so hard, didn’t they feel embarrassed?

2. Depending on the song, there will be cases where they just can’t help but do Live AR

3. Watching MONSTA X and ENHYPEN’s fancams, I can feel them singing live

4. Where did Big Hit who always insist that their idols sing live, go? TXT did Live AR too..?

5. I was surprised when I watched ENHYPEN’s performance, I really liked it

6. Well, girl groups all did Live AR

7. Why did they hold hand-held mics while lip syncing?

8. I agree that they are just dancers

9. I thought they all sang live

10. But it’s not fair to compare singers who stand still while singing with singers who dance while singing

11. Really? Didn’t STAYC sing live?

12. But why are only HYBE idols being criticized?

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But I wasn’t done…

Are we shocked that kpop fad’s mics aren’t on?


Not even a little bit


Tbh, I didn’t mind since all of them performed well.


Yeah for an award show is not big deal


Idc le sserafim ate


I can understand that Le sserafin didn’t count live because their choreography in Fearless and Antifragile was brutal, but what about the rest because they didn’t sing live?


Lmfao then they shouldn’t sing live forever just bcs choreo is brutal. Wayyy to excuse your fav lmfao. They better just be dancers then hehehe. There are many reasons for live AR. U can say either they can’t sing, or simply bcs they have back to back performances/schedules that requires them to sing again n again so they choose live AR in big stage instead just so viewers can enjoy flawless performances instead of staining voices.


while it’s annoying that they don’t sing live but for award shows , I understand somehow cause every award shows have very bad sound systems , it will be hard for them to do damage control just in case the sound system messed up and most of them use the head mic instead of hand mic which is a hassle to be dealt with if things happens .


this will be ive’s last daesang before they nose dive to oblivion


Probably, they dont have a big fandom despite their popularity


They can’t sing. Let them use AR. It’s safer for everyone’s ears.


enhypen are fully lipsynced lmao. Only monsta x sang live
3. Watching MONSTA X and ENHYPEN’s fancams, I can feel them singing live


You would have liked them to sing with Live AR but the evidence is in the fancams, there you can hear that they sang live as opposed to how the other groups sounded with Live AR. But you cant argue with someone who is so hurt that a group they dont like gets recognition for being one of the only ones that does sing live and all the fans know that they almost all the time sing live because in I-land they always made them sing like that


i saw enhypen fancams, they lipsynced. And i like enhypen songs, lmao you wrote whole essay . And i-land perfomances were lipsynced or edited .
People don’t really know how live singing sounds


They did you all a favor by switching them mics off tbh


Taehyun literally just got over COVID. He said himself his voice isn’t working properly.


Hybe stans making 198282828 excuses🤣🤣🤣




Oh look at this getting downvoted because I dared to compliment MX. Oh well, haters gonna hate🙂

spicy spice

as expected, so many international fans in this comment section defend hybe idols for lip syncing with their packed excuses lol.


I missed the times when it was “SM stans”


“Netizens criticized for only 5 singers singing live at the 2022 MMA”?? This makes it sound like Knetizens are the ones being criticized instead of the 5 singers. If you’re not fluent in English, please don’t do translations.


Comment section filled with disgusting engenes. Go back to your fatshaming.


Enhypen performance was live, but TXT,ive,g idle and… performance was lip sync? I would like to see the reaction of people who said that Enhypen members can’t sing And they despised Enhypen

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