Netizens criticized for only 5 singers singing live at the 2022 MMA

MMA’s cue sheet leaked, only 5 singers sing live

The groups who did band live or MR are ENHYPEN, 10cm, MONSTA X, Lim Young Woong and Melomance

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1. They didn’t sing live but they still pretended to sing live so hard, didn’t they feel embarrassed?

2. Depending on the song, there will be cases where they just can’t help but do Live AR

3. Watching MONSTA X and ENHYPEN’s fancams, I can feel them singing live

4. Where did Big Hit who always insist that their idols sing live, go? TXT did Live AR too..?

5. I was surprised when I watched ENHYPEN’s performance, I really liked it

6. Well, girl groups all did Live AR

7. Why did they hold hand-held mics while lip syncing?

8. I agree that they are just dancers

9. I thought they all sang live

10. But it’s not fair to compare singers who stand still while singing with singers who dance while singing

11. Really? Didn’t STAYC sing live?

12. But why are only HYBE idols being criticized?

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