Netizens criticized ZEROBASEONE after seeing photos of them on their way to Immortal Song

ZEROBASEONE’s journalist pictures on their way to Immortal Song

Kim Jiwoong (the member who is currently in controversy for swearing)

Zhang Hao

Sung Hanbin

Seok Matthew

Kim Taerae


Kim Gyuvin

Park Gunwook

Han Yujin

Everyone is handsome
I’m looking forward to their TVXQ ‘The Way U Are’ performance

1. Shameless

2. They just ignored it without an apology. I feel sorry for the fans

3. his is the worst controversy ever, but it’s surprising that it got buried

4. Han Yujin is amazing

5. Daebak, they are shameless

6. Shouldn’t he at least apologize to his fans?

7. His mentality is amazing

8. I feel sorry for the fans

9. Shouldn’t he at least show sincerity by directly apologizing to the fan?

10. He didn’t even post an apology

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