Netizens debate whether Aespa Ningning looks like BLACKPINK Jennie

Aespa Ningning and BLACKPINK Jennie seem to be mentioned a lot by foreign fans with the same vibes

1. From the beginning, I felt that they look alike, both are cute, fresh, sexy and pretty

2. Instead of looking alike, it looks like the two of them are cat-like with round cheeks

3. The foreign fans are Chinese?

4. When I look at Jennie, I don’t think of Ningning, but when I look at Ningning, I think of Jennie

5. Ningning looks more like (G)I-DLE’s Minnie

6. I used to think they looked alike

7. I can see Jennie’s face from Ningning, but I can’t see Ningning from Jennie’s face

8. They don’t look alike, I think Jennie looked a bit like Son Naeun when she debuted

9. Sometimes when I look at Ningning’s pictures, I think of Jennie

10. Every time I see Ningning, I think she looks like Joy + Jennie

11. I also think Ningning looks like Jennie these days

12. Jennie is much prettier and Ningning is just a Chinese beauty

13. Both are cute and pretty

14. Honestly, I really don’t know

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