Netizens debate whether groups that will debut under HYBE Japan should be considered K-pop

Should groups that will debut under HYBE Japan be considered K-pop?

Because NiziU is produced by JYP, they are called K-pop

Should HYBE Japan’s groups also be called K-pop?

1. No, NiziU sings in Japanese and promotes in Japan, so they should be called J-pop

2. It’s like J-pop in K-pop style, isn’t it? It’s like K-pop in pop style

3. NiziU is not called K-pop. HYBE Japan mainly works in Japan

4. The Japanese say NiziU is K-pop

5. Why is NiziU called K-pop? They sing all their songs in Japanese

6. No, of course it’s made by Koreans, so it’s K-pop;

7. They have K-pop style, so it’s K-pop

8. I disagree

9. They should be considered K-pop…

10. It’s only produced as K-pop, not K-pop

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People who call NiziU kpop just want to be annoying and troll. If they sing in Japanese and promote in Japan….then they’re jpop. 1+1=2 not 3.


If they exclusively promote in Japan and sings in Japanese, how would that be kpop?

No name

We still dont consider niziu as k-pop. K-pop means Korean pop. And if artist are singing in Japanese it should be called and considered as jpop. Just like in my country English music are considered as western pop. I don’t know what logic goes to consider niziu as k-pop when even jyp says they are jpop grp and not k-pop. Just like these grps when they will debut they will obviously release their music in Japanese so how can they really be considered as k-pop. When they are not singing in Korean.

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