Netizens debate whether groups that will debut under HYBE Japan should be considered K-pop

Should groups that will debut under HYBE Japan be considered K-pop?

Because NiziU is produced by JYP, they are called K-pop

Should HYBE Japan’s groups also be called K-pop?

1. No, NiziU sings in Japanese and promotes in Japan, so they should be called J-pop

2. It’s like J-pop in K-pop style, isn’t it? It’s like K-pop in pop style

3. NiziU is not called K-pop. HYBE Japan mainly works in Japan

4. The Japanese say NiziU is K-pop

5. Why is NiziU called K-pop? They sing all their songs in Japanese

6. No, of course it’s made by Koreans, so it’s K-pop;

7. They have K-pop style, so it’s K-pop

8. I disagree

9. They should be considered K-pop…

10. It’s only produced as K-pop, not K-pop

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