Netizens debate who will win the Daesang this year

Who do you think will win the Daesang this year?

Album of the Year
Singer of the Year
Song of the Year

Who do you think will win?

[+27, -20]

1. [+107, -10] One thing I’m sure of is that the Seoul Music Awards will give the Daesang to NCT or Aespa

2. [+107, -46] If NewJeans doesn’t win the Daesang, it’s rigged

3. [+85, -73] NewJeans will do an all-kill. No one can deny that this year is NewJeans’ year

4. [+81, -21] I think SEVENTEEN will win one too

5. [+51, -60] Song of the Year – NewJeans Ditto, Singer of the Year – IVE, Album of the Year – Stray Kids – S-Class, 100% like this

6. [+32, -29] The Daesang and all the awards given to female idols will go to NewJeans

7. [+18, -3] Looks like Seventeen or Stray Kids will take care of the album, and NewJeans will take care of the rest

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Joker of the Year – Jimin’s encore


**your birth


for girlgroups it’ll be hard to choose, but for boygroups it’ll feel like a joke

Ladyboy Lisa

Comment 1 shading SM 😂


Kpoppies will finally get their award shows without BTS. It’ll be boring but at least they won’t be token stanning groups for awards they don’t deserve just because they don’t want BTS to rightfully get them


The question is whether any of these groups deserve these awards, not who will win. 

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