Netizens didn’t know that Red Velvet has such diverse concepts

I didn’t know that Red Velvet

I didn’t know that Red Velvet had such diverse concepts

[+371, -67]

1. [+243, -10] Red Velvet is a group that combines SNSD’s friendliness with f(x)’s uniqueness so well

2. [+160, -10] Seriously, it’s amazing how they still create a buzz every time they come back…

3. [+147, -6] Seriously, it’s not an easy thing to get to this level of expectations and create as much buzz as Red Velvet with every comeback with their level of seniority

4. [+127, -10] To be honest, I don’t see any group that achieves results like this despite the controversy and seniority of the members

5. [+94, -6] I really look forward to Red Velvet every time they come back

6. [+48, -0] I still can’t believe that Red Velvet is in their 9th year.. A group that I really want to see for a long time

7. [+20, -1] Red Velvet’s concepts are diverse, so it always feels fresh

8. [+18, -0] Red Velvet’s concepts don’t overlap

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