Netizens discuss whether BLACKPINK Jennie has many public relationships

Does Jennie have many public relationships?

I’m curious

1. Twice?

2. Isn’t Jennie the only one who got caught 3 times…

3. She hasn’t admitted any relationship yet, why do you guys say those are public relationships?

4. Neither much nor less, but does this matter? She’s pretty and full of charm so she’s loved

5. 3 times, I personally think Jennie has many public relationships

6. Didn’t she date Kai, GD and V?

7. It’s not that she has many public relationships, it’s that all of her relationships are forced to reveal

8. Of course, reporters are always stalking her, so her relationships will be revealed

9. She has 3 public relationships

10. It’s too bad that V is there too

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Hoes mad in the comments in 3…2.. like we all knew they are from THAT fandom


bcoz oppa didn’t notice them


Easy hole


Your mom is


Taehyung loves easy hole 🤭

CeCyane '💜Ready for 🏖️ 🏟💜'

Every men love easy holes to f around, but not to bring to their mom


lol he loves to fuck around

Teenaged puppy

Jennie loves to get fucked. Dirty pussy whore

Teenaged puppy

Glad you know that slut has an easy hole ijbol

pranpriya m.

My girl literally did nothing to publicize any of the “relationships” she supposedly has.


Right because she could have shut down that photo leak with the first reveal but the clout was just too good


this dumb bitch think jennie need clout like their oppa lmao. It girl need no clout she’s been famous since day 1. Can’t say that much about your oppa

Lazy Banana

Oh pls Taehyung achieved 50+ million followers in less than a year which your girlie took years to get. And if she doesn’t need clout, then why does she act so desperate lmao.

Teenaged puppy

Who knows Jennie but Korea and blonks? Tae outranks her everywhere in popularity and she definitely wants some of that clout for herself.


They need to keep Taehyung’s name out of their mouths. Already sued for defamation and ill-intentioned rumors. Gurumi said big legal actions were coming from Tae’s side. Even if people dont want to see hybe’s statement yg ALSO said they were suing for defamation and unverified content. Leave him tf alone and stop linking him to this girl


lol. did hybe said anything? army dont want to trust gurumi but trust got sued for defamation? lol. Hybe never said anything in particular abut V and Jennie but they indeed released statements about V and chaebol, jungkook and tatoo artist.


Maybe cause that tattoo artist and chaebol are still ppl living in the society and are someone whom you consider a non celebrity. Unlike jn. Celebrities knows how to deal with such things and non celebs may get upset or anything else if these certain rumours about them are not addressed instantly. If you look one more way hybe also didn’t put out any statement for jungkook and actress one. It was the actress agency who said they weren’t together. Hybe never put out any statement regarding that. Hybe only ever put out statements regarding non celebs first and fast cause they can get upset and can also do some actions which can hurt their artists so they put a stop on their as fast as they can.


taehyung said ” is there an option to remove the ‘recommended’ feature on Instagram?….This is a scary app”
& you freaks are still screaming he followed your fave intentionally & is a stalker.this is Kim Taehyung’s direct words!
hybe made a clear statement.they didn’t need to mention your fave’s name for it to sink in your brain.last time i checked she was a celebrity under a big3 company not a commoner associated with taehyung.

Lazy Banana

Let’s be honest, the photos from gurumi looks edited af lmaoooo. And when the lawsuits settled down, gurumi deleted all the leaked photos except those edited, why? Because they’re not leaks. They are edits. Besides, Taehyung is known to fight for those close to him. Some army posted an ugly photo of Jhope and he called them out. People said Jin can’t dance and he shushed them and told them not to say that. Someone posted about the chaebol and he immediately went and said he’d stab whoever did it. Like, people outside the fandom just don’t know how outspoken Taehyung is lol. That man makes BH staff tremble every time he goes live cause he has no filter. If he really cares about Jennie, he would say something about it, even if just a shady tweet or something. But nooooo, it’s radio silence. That’s why blonks call him a coward, cause they’re mad Tae won’t even acknowledge Jennie’s existence.


You are right! Just like him Jennie didn’t dont care about him too, he can staright out release a statement saying they are not dating but theres vague statement come like defamation, nothing more, it isnt even clear if they talking about Taehyung or not


it’s funny they say her datings are forced to reveal when it was obvious as hell that bitch is close to bp or get their content from a YG staff.& who’s suing?taehyung’s agancy!
this fandom will never leave ma boy alone.some bitch can wake up tomorrow & say “i feel a BTS member has a child with one of this 4” literally out of their ass & this fandom will stick to it for the rest of their lives.


Lol I feel bad for Kpop retards- especially those how don’t believe Jennie and Taehyung have/ had some sort of relationship.
You dumb motherfuckers are just as bad as those antivaxx/government conspiracy believers. Go outside and touch some grass or check your self into an insane asylum. Get some help, your dickhead behaviour is ruining everyone’s experience.

Lazy Banana

I feel pity for people like you who so badly want them to have a relationship lmaoooo. Imagine speculating so badly when no one is acknowledging whoever.

Lisa the best

Seoul cycle 💪💪💪


U hag stop using lisa name


“Lisa the best” in this post to drag Jennie and you have “Jennie the best” in another Pann post to drag Lisa.😭 Omg, get a job! Get a life, you hateful and miserable mf.

Lisa not trans

Wdym I love lisa 😭😭😭


Armshit behaviour


Cheap girl


and that is yourself


And that’s your poor mother who got impregnated by unknown men in the club


Why are you saying that about Jennie, that’s disrespectful.

Teenaged puppy

Free Tae from this nasty hag


Tae himself is a hag

Lazy Banana

Idiot lmao. Hag only refers to women but of course blinks have never even opened a dictionary cause yall dumb af.


Is tae a man then?

Teenaged puppy

You didn’t deny Jennie being a used up hag tho. Meanwhile, hag and Tae have never been synonymous unlike… Hagnnie


Only KAI x JENNIE is confirmed.
Her relationship with GD is based on speculations or rumor.
Her relationship with V is based on photoshopped images.
ONLY KAI x JENNIE have real photo, captured by dispatch.

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