Netizens discuss whether BLACKPINK Jennie has many public relationships

Does Jennie have many public relationships?

I’m curious

1. Twice?

2. Isn’t Jennie the only one who got caught 3 times…

3. She hasn’t admitted any relationship yet, why do you guys say those are public relationships?

4. Neither much nor less, but does this matter? She’s pretty and full of charm so she’s loved

5. 3 times, I personally think Jennie has many public relationships

6. Didn’t she date Kai, GD and V?

7. It’s not that she has many public relationships, it’s that all of her relationships are forced to reveal

8. Of course, reporters are always stalking her, so her relationships will be revealed

9. She has 3 public relationships

10. It’s too bad that V is there too

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