Netizens discuss who is the identity member of NewJeans

Who is the identity member of NewJeans?

IVE is Jang Wonyoung
Aespa is Karina
LE SSERAFIM is Huh Yunjin

Who is the identity member of New Jeans..? I think it’s Hyein or Haerin, but my friend said it’s Minji… Who’s the face that comes to mind when you think of NewJeans? I think of Hyein first..

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1. [+146, -6] Isn’t Minji pushed as the most important member in the company? First of all, it seems like Minji gets mentioned a lot just by looking at YouTube… Of course, the group itself is hot so the other members are mentioned, but~ ~ If I had to choose an identity member, it’s Minji, I think she suits NewJeans’ youthful and fresh image

2. [+124, -16] For me, it’s Minji

3. [+103, -32] For me, it’s Hyein

4. [+96, -11] I just feel it’s NewJeans when the five of them stick together

5. [+86, -8] It’s hard to choose the identity member of NewJeans, we need all five of them to be NewJeans

6. [+35, -5] The group’s face is Haerin, the group’s identity is Minji

7. [+27, -1] LE SSERAFIM is Huh Yunjin? Isn’t it Chaewon??

8. [+23, -2] Of course isn’t it Minji..?

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