Netizens discuss why actors are more respected than singers

A similar phenomenon in the world entertainment industry including Korea

Actors are more respected than singers

However, those who are called legends of all time, come from the singer’s side

1. Acting seems nobler than dancing and singing?

2. I don’t know about it these days, but don’t actors get paid more for entertainment shows? I remember being surprised when I read an article saying that Kim Soo Ro has a higher appearance fee than Lee Hyori

3. Singers are also precious and amazing, but I don’t know why they are looked down on and ignored ㅠㅠㅠ

4. That’s right, look at awards ceremonies, actors are provided with lounges and desserts

5. But why? Among actors and singers, actors are more appreciated… Not only in Korea, but also in the US, Japan and anywhere in the world

6. Because there are many singers who want to be actors

7. In Korea, when it comes to celebrities, it’s Na Hoon Ah, Cho Yong Pil, Seo Taiji, and now it’s BTS

8. Aren’t there more world-class singers than world-class actors?

9. That’s right, world superstars come from singers

10. I don’t think anyone can beat Michael Jackson

11. But again, the ones that are at the top of the Korean entertainment industry are comedians

12. I think this is only because singers have more fans than actors

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