Netizens discuss why NewJeans has been loved since their debut

What is the reason NewJeans has been loved since their debut?

After all, the biggest reason is that people like their songs

1. Min Heejinㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. It’s Min Heejin’s girl group, they’re all pretty and sing well so there’s no reason not to love them

3. Members, good songs, Min Heejin and HYBE

4. Songs and plans

5. Since it’s Min Heejin’s girl group, people care about them

6. First HYBE + Min Heejin, then good songs

7. At first they were Min Heejin’s girl group, but in the end the reason why they became so popular seems to be the songs + choreography

8. I like the songs + Min Heejin’s planning skills + pretty and gentle kids, and the choreography is good tooㅋㅋ

9. The songs are good and the members all have good star qualities

10. The songs are so good ㅠㅠ The members are all pretty and talented

11. Plan, concept, visual, song

12. Min Heejin + members’ visuals + song quality

13. Min Heejin’s first group

14. It’s HYBE + Min Heejin, but I like their concept

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