Netizens discuss why NewJeans has been loved since their debut

What is the reason NewJeans has been loved since their debut?

After all, the biggest reason is that people like their songs

1. Min Heejinㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. It’s Min Heejin’s girl group, they’re all pretty and sing well so there’s no reason not to love them

3. Members, good songs, Min Heejin and HYBE

4. Songs and plans

5. Since it’s Min Heejin’s girl group, people care about them

6. First HYBE + Min Heejin, then good songs

7. At first they were Min Heejin’s girl group, but in the end the reason why they became so popular seems to be the songs + choreography

8. I like the songs + Min Heejin’s planning skills + pretty and gentle kids, and the choreography is good tooㅋㅋ

9. The songs are good and the members all have good star qualities

10. The songs are so good ㅠㅠ The members are all pretty and talented

11. Plan, concept, visual, song

12. Min Heejin + members’ visuals + song quality

13. Min Heejin’s first group

14. It’s HYBE + Min Heejin, but I like their concept

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It’s true hybe and min heejin plays a big part for them to get attention, but if the songs aren’t good enough i doubt they’d do this well. Just like the other companies’ groups, people get curious when they debut and people decide to be a fan or not after listening to songs


Their debut songs were too good so people can’t help but comparing


Idgaf with hybe and min heejin i checked them because i was curious why they are so famous and when i listen to them i just find that they’re really lovable?? Idk how to explain it.. they’re just lovable?!


Because they’re all young


I was surprised when I found out that they are so young 🤔 but that’s not the reason why they’re lovable


Hybe privilege. No other group have their debut mv shot overseas. This group is full of privileges kids tbh


ateez literally had there debut mv shot overseas I guess they are privileged too


Wasn’t itzy’s mv shot overseas too?


Eh the overseas schedule isn’t really a strong argument. It’s the fact their company is loaded, and their CEO (who has seniority and influence in the industry) went on national television to promote them even before their debut, gave multiple interviews hyping them up, and got them invites to luxury events and magazines shoots just barely after their debut.

Their stans want to keep reinforcing that they succeeded organically, and while I can agree that their music has public appeal, they would have succeeded regardless of their music/concept. It was pretty much set up on a plate for them.

A good comparison would be Triple S AAA’s song ‘Generation’. The nostalgic sound, the music video, the concept all draw parallels to NJ’s ‘Ditto’. The difference in their results is not because of a difference in quality, but the fact that one is from a small company, and the other is from a large conglomerate.

I cannot stand people who go ‘oh it’s because of the music’ I’m sorry but NOPE. There’s no shortage of good music in k-pop. No matter how good, for your music to have reach, you need to be well connected, and be backed by a management that will shell millions on marketing and promotions to ensure buzz. This is the sad truth as far as pop music goes.


“they would have succeeded regardless of their music/concept.” well yeah I mean that’s a given for any group from big 4, they all have privilege

but not all of them have a very successful debut like newjeans. they did very well for their own, but newjeans’ had
like one of the biggest debuts in kpop just like 2ne1 & miss a back in the days and that’s because the public really enjoy their songs more than some others

if you compare any of the big 4 groups with groups from a very small agency, of course it’s gonna be sooo different. the fair comparison would be among the big 4 groups


Right, I agree. My comment was to bring light to the fact that they didn’t just succeed because of ‘good music’ like some are implying.


you be saying anything for real. winner from yg literally went overseas to shoot their debut teasers 💀

Pink Blossom

They have little sister image so everyone adores them


Because they all look young and fresh most old man love that. There’s nothing about talent


they’re not the best vocalists out there but they all at least have pleasant singing voice. usually in lots of kpop groups, they have that one member who doesn’t sound good at all lol

jung jung

Their music is actually easy to listen to. There’s no nonsense beats and overly high pitched singing/rapping that makes you want to avoid k-pop. New Jeans sound feels new in this generations Kpop industry. It matches the mellowness of western Pop/R&B(-ish) music and give a nostalgic feel to older listeners.

Their styling is simple and natural and age appropriate, far from the overly off putting flashy and rich, or that grown-ass baby woman that make you cringe and turn non-kpop viewers off.

This group is starts at the basics, where others want what other groups have that it’s been a copy and paste for the last two generations, which is why you see many small company groups disband within a few years, months, and even days in the last few years – no vision for their group.

If they continue on the same path, I see more success in their future.

Last edited 3 months ago by jung jung

they get lots of attention because they’re min heejin’s group + they’re from hybe but what make people like them a lot is because of their songs for sure 💪🏻 you can see how 3 of their debut title tracks were in the top 10 for quite long and even now ditto getting PAK too


They bring back nostalgia. Their concepts are very SES/Fin.K.L inspired and they’re loveable girls with the “girl-next-door” vibe. Their music is fantastic too. So…🤷🏿‍♀️ Of course they’d succeed.


Because they are young and pretty and from HYBE company. Pretty privileged too.


Hybe + Min Heejin fund pass

I agree with your point of view, your article has given me a lot of help and benefited me a lot. Thanks. Hope you continue to write such excellent articles.

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