Netizens don’t like the fact that NCT Taeyong ‘TAP’ MV was filmed in Japan


1. The MV isn’t very good but the song is good

2. Why did they set the scene in Japan? I wonder if there is any special reason?

3. This is my first time watching an all-Japanese MV like this… Japanese fans will definitely like it

4. When watching the MV, I was shocked when I saw Japanese and Mount Fuji…

5. Why???? It’s not even his Japanese debut song, why?????

6. Is it possible to convey Japanese culture through K-pop?

7. Is this a Japanese music video?

8. The choreography is so cute

9. He’s Japanese, right?

10. I like this song and it’s cute, but it has too many Japanese vibes… At first I thought this was a Japanese album…

11. It seems he likes Japan

12. It just looks like a Japanese music video

13. I think it would be better if the setting was in Korea, the song is good and cute

14. ? Is this a Japanese album?

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