Netizens doubt the height of NewJeans members

Just how tall are NewJeans?

Hong Eunchae is 168cm on her profile (you can assume she’s 170cm in real life;;) so is Minji really 169cm?ㅋㅋ

There was a big gap when she stood next to Jang Wonyoung, people were insisting that Jang Wonyoung was 176cm… What’s more is that Hong Eunchae’s shoes have lower heels so how is that possible?

[+281, -466]

1. [+134, -9] Anyone can tell that Hong Eunchae wore higher heelsㅋㅋㅋ Do you have problems with your eyes? Is she flying in midair? Also, you usually look taller if you stand closer to the side

2. [+97, -6] But if you say that Heo Yunjin is 172 cm and Eunchae is 168 cm, is Heo Yunjin lying about her height?ㅋㅋ Even in the same group, they look different because they have different heels, stop it

3. [+97, -6] Hong Eunchae’s heels are higher. Look at her ankles

4. [+94, -6] If you look at her doing the Hype Boy challenge with Niki who’s the tallest in ENHYPEN and the Super Shy challenge with TXT Soobin and Huening Kai, I think that Minji is really 169 cm. If she was 160 cm, the difference in height would be much bigger

5. [+44, -4] You need to compare when they stand side by side

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