Netizens explain why idols and models want to become actors

Why do idols and models want to be actors?

Do actors make more money and are they treated better?

1. Isn’t it because actors don’t have a retirement age?

2. They can’t be idols or models for a long time…

3. Apart from the external factors, don’t you think the acting job itself would be interesting?

4. They can rest when they want to rest, they are also less affected by dating rumors, and their image looks better

5. Actors have a better work-life balance than idols

6. Actors are valued more than idols and models

7. You can last long in the entertainment industry

8. Just see how the actors are treated at the singer award ceremony

9. You can do it for a long time even if you’re old

10. Just look at the difference in treatment between idols and actors at the awards ceremony

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10. Just look at the difference in treatment between idols and actors at the awards ceremony

This, its clear actors are held in a higher regard but its still not easy to be taken seriously even by other actors when your beginnings were being an idol or model, just look at SNSD actress line, it’s only in the last 2 years they have been receiving praise and are accepted as actors. Also the longevity aspect they mentioned, you can’t maintain lifelong fame and career as a model or idol, those jobs have an expiry date, so your choices are joining a variety show, become an actor, or leave the industry


That’s because most idols can’t act or don’t have that talents, they r pushed by their companies or because of their popularity they r given the opportunity to act. Doh kyungsoo, aka D.O. Won blue dragon award on his sixth year debut as an idol while doing exo activities too, already got praised by many directors and gp accept him as an actor, he is just talented enough to act without too much trainings

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