Netizens express their support for NMIXX after watching “Love Me Like This” MV teaser

NMIXX “Love Me Like This” M/V Teaser

3/20 Love Me Like This

1. Lily, this style suits you so well, the concept is good

2. The beat is so good, their skills are good, so I want to watch their performance

3. Wow, I really like it. I really want them to take 1st place this time. I want to see their encore stage

4. Wow, Lily and Sullyoon’s voices match well. The choreography seems to be well chosen, and the song sounds good. I’m really looking forward to it!!!!

5. In NMIXX, Lily seems to have the most talent so she should be chosen as the center

6. I’m looking forward to the song

7. I think the song will be good

8. Sullyoon’s beauty is crazy

9. They finally have a good song. Let’s get the 1st place

10. I think NMIXX will hit the daebak this time

11. Oh, I think the song will be good, I hope they hit the daebak this time

12. The pre-release song was good, so I’m looking forward to this song

13. Wow Lily is crazy

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Where? Literally WHERE does this look like NewJeans?


they really don’t look like a group no matter how hard i pretend they do

Saint Seungri

if this a title track im disappointed

spicy spice

they always got horrible wardrobes.


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