Netizens fiercely argue that Stray Kids is the biggest after BTS now

Looks like Stray Kids is really the biggest after BTS now

Stray Kids ranked #2 in the MAMA voting

They made 2 comebacks this year and ranked #1 on Billboard 200 with each comeback

They sold 2.18 million copies in the first week. They beat all the idols except BTS

[+83, -328]

1. [+111, -48] Why do STAYs always write posts like this?

2. [+59, -86] But it’s a bit funny that no one can refute in the comments ㅋㅋ The contents are all true

3 .[+50, -20] Seriously, are there really no other male idols to stan? Why would they want to stan a school bully?

4. [+30, -71] Stray Kids is the next BTS

5. [+19, -38] ARMYs, why are you guys angry? They are the next BTS

6. [+14, -0] But Stray Kids couldn’t make it to the Billboard Hot 100, the official UK chart, and couldn’t even make it to the Spotify global music chart

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Skz fandom is obsessed with “the next bts” title for their favs… this just proves they don’t have an identity of their own.


their cb still did better than yet to chart

uhgood⁷ Sexy Nukim

Better where? Tell me more. Im all ear


The only things that did better here was them skz fans deluded themselves into thinking their fave were ever better thanBTS


How lmaoooo. SKZ’s cb didn’t even chart on Melon let alone BB Hot100 be fr


There won’t be another BTS. That fandom is obsessed with Bangtan.


Every fandom big or small every of them obsessed. I can see the hate of bts get because of them 😬


Delulu army forgetting big hit mediaplay about bts being the next big bang, what’s new


Cannot be the next criminals bang because they’re the opposite side of eo. One got mediocre success with huge m/play by their company, one millions time successful. Who wants to be next big bang? Laughable


Never did Bang PD said that he wants BTS to be the next BB .. have you seen their company motto.. MUSIC FOR HEALING” .. I don’t think BB got to do with that.


They trying to manifest this “next BTS” shit so hard XD

WhatsThe Point

“next BTS” “dna era” “dynamite era”
Y’all are antis of ur faves if y’all wanna set them up this way


But the music is awful I dont understand any of this. Their fans mass buy albums, mass stream, donate for their favs to chart, and also make 3485775 accounts for mama. That doesnæt mean the public is tuned in to this group, it means their fans are brainwashed.


The music is awful = arson


And none of your fave tracks are better than Arson


Arson 0 music show wins. Flop in own country


This comment is hilarious considering one of the members literally listed arson as the song he listens to on Spotify.


The way their fans still growing proved that lots of people still have good hearing sense & taste. Do you think Bang PD imported the fans from Jupiter or something? Their growing fans come from the gp that turned ARMY obviously. Ofc, the streams, sales, numbers are mass, ARMY are massive fandom 🤷‍♀️ something your fave craving for


this set up lmaooo 💀


Definitely feels like trolls tbh.


Skz’s sales don’t proportional with their streams. Or doesn’t have local fans. Or they always hide in next bts sentence etc. if you combine all of them you can clearly see that this topic is not up for discussion.


I never see any fan of any group say ‘so and so will be the next BTS ‘ so who are these people that supposedly say so? All I see is fans of so and so say they want their faves to be their faves elevated but somehow it always ends up being twisted to someone wanting to be the next BTS 😬


No but as fan why would you want your favorite artist to be “the next xxx” so bad?
I would want them to have their own identity and legacy


SKZ is thriving. They will get the hype just like BTS had in 2018.


Yall been saying this since 2018 pls


The biggest after BTS but the gap between BTS and the second be like:
BTS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GREAT WALL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> no.2 group


Not ratmys getting mad about this. BTS will eventually lose their hype and eventually lose their relevancy. Nothing is permanent.


The only person mad here seems to be you. Go outside and touch grass. Your faves will never be the next bts or whatever. kpop isn’t that big anyway if i’m being honest.

Last edited 6 months ago by Chaos

Feels like a set up to me… can’t tell me these people are fr.


Yeah right lol

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