Netizens fiercely argue that Stray Kids is the biggest after BTS now

Looks like Stray Kids is really the biggest after BTS now

Stray Kids ranked #2 in the MAMA voting

They made 2 comebacks this year and ranked #1 on Billboard 200 with each comeback

They sold 2.18 million copies in the first week. They beat all the idols except BTS

[+83, -328]

1. [+111, -48] Why do STAYs always write posts like this?

2. [+59, -86] But it’s a bit funny that no one can refute in the comments ㅋㅋ The contents are all true

3 .[+50, -20] Seriously, are there really no other male idols to stan? Why would they want to stan a school bully?

4. [+30, -71] Stray Kids is the next BTS

5. [+19, -38] ARMYs, why are you guys angry? They are the next BTS

6. [+14, -0] But Stray Kids couldn’t make it to the Billboard Hot 100, the official UK chart, and couldn’t even make it to the Spotify global music chart

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