Netizens fiercely debate whether Kim Ji Woong looks like TXT’s Yeonjun

I went crazy because I saw TXT’s Yeonjun in Kim Ji Woong

He looks like Choi Yeonjun who works out a bit more

[+47, -160]

1. [+72, -12] I f*cking hate seeing people bull$hitting about how he looks like V and Yeonjun

2. [+63, -17] I don’t know if Kim Ji Woong is considered handsome no matter how much I look at him;;

3. [+57, -12] It’s a habit of his fans. At first, they were hyping him up saying he looks like Leeknow and saying that they didn’t know why Leeknow’s fans were upset just because Kim Ji Woong was better;

4. [+40, -49] Kim Ji Woong is much more handsome, Yeonjun’s fans have nothing to be upset about no?

5. [+30, -5] It’s ridiculous that they look alike

6. [+28, -31] Yeonjun’s face is the same after plastic surgery, but Kim Ji Woong is much more handsome

7. [+21, -22] I can see Yeonjun a bit, but Kim Ji Woong is more handsome

8. [+10, -0] You drive me crazy, they don’t look alike at all

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