Netizens fiercely debate whether Stray Kids is the 3rd generation or the 4th generation

Is Stray Kids 3rd generation?

Or 4th generation

I don’t know about generation standards

1. They debuted earlier than ITZY so they’re the 3rd generation

2. 4th generation starting in 2018. When did Stray Kids debut?

3. But isn’t the 4th generation starting in 2018? The period of the 3rd generation was too short, from 2012 to 2017, and 2nd generation was from 2004 to 2011

4. In the industry, they are considered the 4th generation

5. Are they 4th generation??

6. They debuted in 2018, so they’re a bit old compared to the 4th generation

7. 3rd generation.. If Stray Kids is 4th generation, NCT Dream is 4th generation too

8. They were introduced on Billboard as 4th generation idols

9. Something like 4th generation??

10. I think they are 4th generation..!

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