Netizens fiercely debate whether Stray Kids is the 3rd generation or the 4th generation

Is Stray Kids 3rd generation?

Or 4th generation

I don’t know about generation standards

1. They debuted earlier than ITZY so they’re the 3rd generation

2. 4th generation starting in 2018. When did Stray Kids debut?

3. But isn’t the 4th generation starting in 2018? The period of the 3rd generation was too short, from 2012 to 2017, and 2nd generation was from 2004 to 2011

4. In the industry, they are considered the 4th generation

5. Are they 4th generation??

6. They debuted in 2018, so they’re a bit old compared to the 4th generation

7. 3rd generation.. If Stray Kids is 4th generation, NCT Dream is 4th generation too

8. They were introduced on Billboard as 4th generation idols

9. Something like 4th generation??

10. I think they are 4th generation..!

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If nct dream is considered 4th gen just bc comment number 7 said so then blackpink should be considered 4th gen too since they both debuted in 2016


That’s a long ass era 😂


their fans switched up and called them 4th gen from 3rd gen because it was easier to be the ‘first’ that way. First 4th gen bg to blah blah blah


What are you talking about? They’ve ever been considered 3rd gen. They debuted the same year as Gidle and even before that TBZ debuted before them.


Yes they were. I thought they were in 2019 2020 and 2021 until their fans began to spread the 4th generation label.


Yup bc let’s be honest, they pale in comparison against 3rd gen groups that’s why they do that lol


Not at all bc 4th generation is literally 2018 -2025 they debuted in 2018 so ofc they’re considered 4th gen like the other groups who also debuted the same year


Honestly, 4th gen started in 2018,but since skz is not successful as their stans want them to be when they’re debuted, they called them 4th gen so they cn hve their 1st 4th gen something…


They did debut in 2018 tho.


They debuted in 2017 I remember their awful hell song


they debuted in 2018. hellevator was a predebut song and most of 2017 was the survival show bc the lineup wasn’t even confirmed when hellevator came out. they debuted with district 9


if the boyz who debuted in december 2017 are 4th gen then stray kids who debuted in march 2018 are definitely 4th gen what even is this discussion


And here I thought tbz is also a 3rd gen bcs knetz claimed them to be from 3rd gen, just like skz


Las generaciones se fueron acortando a lo largo de los años. La cuarta empezo en 2018 y este grupo debuto ese año, por lo tanto es de cuarta gen, fin de la discusión. 


they need to go back to 3rd generation instead of spreading the we are 4th generation label.. theyre old as fuck and have like 3847834 albums


they suck…


Their fans will defend with all their power that Stray Kids is a 4th gen group bc if they’re considered 3rd gen, all the ‘firsts’ achievements will go down the drain and nothing will remain lol.



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