Netizens find out why LE SSERAFIM Sakura is so popular

LE SSERAFIM Sakura who seems to have a crazy memory

She remembers her fans

She remembers the fan who got married at the concert

1. Daebak.. If I were a fan, I couldn’t sleep for two days

2. Wow, how can she remember memories that even the fans can’t remember?

3. A female idol who really works hard and is really good at serving her fans… She looks so cool and cute

4. She gives a lot of love to her fans

5. Wow, but she speaks Korean so naturally… I envy her because she’s good at foreign languages

6. The more I watch Sakura, the more I understand why she’s so popular

7. I’m not even a fan, but I’m so touched

8. You have grown a lot already, no matter what the past is, you just need to change

9. I like idols who treat their fans well

10. She reacts well to her fans…. It seems like she was born to be an idol

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It’s no longer a secret that Koreans really hate Japan, but it would be different if the Japanese idols were very beautiful people.
instantly they denied it!!!!
standard double !!!


what a strange thing to admire about an idol but i really really admire her work ethic… she really takes her craft seriously, mad respect you can tell she doesnt take things for granted

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