Netizens found out who put V and Jennie together

The man that Jennie posted on her Instagram is V’s close friend

The man on Jennie’s Instagram is model Lee Joohyung

He’s famous as V’s friend, looking at the pictures you’ll know they’re the same person

“Model Lee Joohyung born in 1995!
He’s BTS V (Kim Taehyung)’s close friend!”

I think this is the person who was mentioned about the controversial pictures

[+107, -308]

1. [+250, -5] Do we need to know V’s close friend?

2. [+227, -8] V’s close friend?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ They have not been seen or mentioned together since 2015

3. [+59, -5] If he was V’s close friend, I guess Lee Joohyung put them together. Everyone was saying that there was no proof but there is one here

4. [+51, -19] I get it, V ♡ Jennie, get married

5. [+42, -9] Jennie-yang, you just have to tell us that it’s true,,,

6. [+18, -4] Looks like they’re still datingㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+16, -9] Looks like Jennie loves V so much

8. [+15, -8] Is he the one who took the picture of V kissing Jennie on Jeju Island?

9. [+12, -11] V and Lee Joohyung met in July this year

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Blinks are desperate for that taehyung clout


“blinks” LMAOOO

But I wasn’t done…

Op spilled. Blanks are obsessed with Taehyung’s package. They want him for their hag so bad so they can self insert. It’s what BP is marketed for. Twinks and y/ns can’t get enough.


Exactly, the “victim cards” blinks. I don’t think they stuttered


Blinks need to stop this obsession with taehyung. Taehyung has a wide friends circle but he has never been seen with this man, nor posted pics, nor interacted with him in all these years. He doesn’t even follow Taehyung on insta lmao

He is jennie’s best friend and that has nothing to do with taehyung. Stop trying to link that lazy with Tae by making whatever assumptions.


You bitches need to stop obsessing over this girl who didn’t do anything to you, and how the fuck do you know blinks are the ones writing these articles? When ever since she came out she was a witch hunt For both

But I wasn’t done…

Funny to say we are obsessed when whenever these post come up it’s nothing but blinks gassing it up. Since the beginning blonks have been pushing this relationship in spite of your own fad getting hacked and now are crying victim. The witch hunt has always been on Taehyung at the hands of your co fandom. Don’t act dense.


We bitches will stop not so obsessed over your dozen mid who didn’t do anything (literally, not even effort on her performances) aka lazy jen when their victim cards stop obsessed over Taehyung. But we bitches might support her relationship with the criminal gdrag instead 😊

WhatsThe Point

2.. [+227, -8] V’s close friend?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ They have not been seen or mentioned together since 2015

This exactly and the last comment.. that person with tae is his fcking bodyguard y’all are reaching.
Anything to associate jenni to tae, self inserts


The accidental ig follow and the dating rumors is the highlight of jennie’s career. To this day, blinks aee still hoping this ship is real. Always hyperfocusing on every little thing they wear in photos to try to link them even though other idols wear them too 🤡.


Jennie is slut.


jennie really want attention from teahyung these day. Oh come go just go back to your criminal sugar daddy aka yang hyun suk


Tbh, idk why people so obsess with them by keep posting about them. Its not like jennie is the type that loyal either. I am guarantee that 90% she gonna breakup with V before or during he enlisting. But V probably her longest bf she gonna have tho at the moment.


I think so too. Girl couldn’t be independent & need men in her life. Girl is a collector

But I wasn’t done…

Jennie and her stans can’t live without dick association and shows.


You’re disgusting

But I wasn’t done…

Not as disgusting as what rose does to Jeremy for her back door deals.


these users are literally sick and obsessed, try not to read comments I’ll do the same


Yet u here. We’re living in the same circle eser.. If not, you’re in a religion website instead of a toxic kpop site


The feeling is very much mutual porn venom.. Very much… 😊


their “shippers” are such a bunch of weirdos. and i say that with quotations because most of them are actually jikookers who “ship” v and j for the sake of trying their prove their own ship is real.
the only time v and that model has ever been linked is back in 2014.. not once has this dude been mentioned, or seen supporting bts ever since.
and the guy walking next to v in the last pic is literally a bodyguard. lol

Last edited 9 months ago by peachy

Yes, normalized blaming jikookers over all Taehyung with girls rumor. Blame themmmm~ the root of all that happened. I believe even gurumi is a jikooker😤


dear god when will jikookers leave tae and jennie alone?
they’re more obsessed in trying to prove taennie is real than their own beloved ship, jikook. lol


Yes, we love to see the jikookers got blame over anything!

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