Netizens gasped when they saw Jun Ji Hyun on her way to London to attend Fashion Week today

Jun Ji Hyun went to London to attend Fashion Week today

1. She’s the one top Korean superstar of all time ㅠㅠ

2. She’s really cool

3. She’s so pretty and cool and is a Burberry model

4. Wow… what kind of movie is this?

5. Wow, it’s like a scene from a movie

6. Her aura is crazy

7. When will we get bored with Jun Ji Hyun’s visuals?

8. Anyone can see that she’s a celebrity

9. Wow.. legend is legend

10. She’s truly a legend of all time…

11. Wow, Jun Ji Hyun is Jun Ji Hyun

12. Isn’t that a drawing?

13. Is this a movie?

14. She’s a superstar..

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