Netizens get mad when Aespa lip syncs even at their concert

Aespa is lip syncing even at their concert

This isn’t even a b-side song nor an unreleased song, so why did they lip-sync ‘Next Level’ when the responses to their live performance were so good?

1. Why do you talk so much when you haven’t even gone to their concert?

2. I’m the one who went to their concert, but I don’t care, why are the people who didn’t go to their concert complaining about it?

3. No, why did they lip-sync in concerts?… Why are they creating this kind of culture?

4. They sing live so well, but why did they lip-sync during concert?

5. But anyone who watches will know that the members are all lip syncing

6. They can do well enough and show off their skills, so why did they lip sync?

7. Would it be okay if the people who went to the concert felt okay?

8. But how do you know it’s lip sync..? Does the sound sound like the original? I watched the video, but I really don’t know…

9. Why did they lip-sync at the concert?

10. I’m not surprised, they post about Aespa lip syncing every day

11. Did they lip sync at the concert? I was so shocked

12. No, this is my first time seeing someone lip sync at the concert

13. They lip synced to other songs too

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