Netizens got mad when YG announced that Baby Monster will debut with less than 7 members

Breaking news) YG’s new girl group ‘Baby Monster’ not certain to be OT7.. We might eliminate

Yang Hyun Suk, “After years of thorough consideration, we’ve narrowed it down to seven very talented trainees. Baby Monster will never be a seven member group. It will definitely be less than seven.”

“The fans can pick the final fixed members”

1. He’s so cruel, I really hate him

2. Shouldn’t Yang Hyun Suk himself be removed from society…?

3. I feel sorry for those members, YG is really disgusting, I hate them so much

4. Don’t hurt the kids anymore, ba$tard, what the hell are you doing?

5. So why do they reveal their faces? They introduced the members as if they were a group.. This is too much

6. Yang Hyun Suk is coming out? What is more surprising than this?

7. Yang Hyun Suk, stop it

8. Don’t play with kids’ dreams

9. What a cruel industry

10. I forgot it’s YG and Yang Hyun Suk, they’re disgusting

11. When will Yang Hyun Suk wake up?

12. Didn’t Yang Hyun Suk resign????? I hate him so much

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That’s so evil. Please, stop dragging these young and talented artists along if you don’t have the right intentions! How hard can that be!

pranpriya m.

YG’s obsession with survival shows is really amazing like he loves to flex his superiority over trainees so much and he loves imagining himself at the center of attraction over his own groups. BP had a sorta documentary for something and this pedo really had so much screentime it’s so stupid crazy.


it’s just YHS bullshitting for mediaplay. all 7 will debut lol

Last edited 19 days ago by Colin

And we all blame flop jimin solo


and also chinse

Seungri reformed

Kick someone else except ahyeon and japaneses 🙂


why remove a member if we can remove YG himself? keep him far away from this group instead.. 😒

bts army7263

7 members is too much for baby monster but 12 members were okay for yg’s stupid soccer team??




YG pulling a YG


Just debut them all. Why is it so necessary to reduce the numbers??


Who likes Yang Hyun Suk?


Whaaat.. I thought YG already have a thorough and distinct design for Baby Monster.. So they are still rely too much on noise marketing 🙁


YG still not having a decision on who/how many members are included in Baby Monster shows they still not sure what kind of gril group the market needs. Also I bet they can’t point-out Baby Monster’s distinctive value yet.

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