Netizens look back at the golden age of BTS styling

The golden age of BTS styling

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1. During the DNA era, their outfits were legendary

2. Their coordi did so well at that time

3. From 2015 to 2018, their outfits and hairstyles were legendary. From 2020, I have nothing to say…

4. I liked their styling at that time, but then the coordination suddenly got weird, so I went crazy..

5. Please, I wish they would cut their hair neatly. I wonder if it’s a trend for all the members to have long hair, I want them to look neat on stage

6. Their new coordi is doing well these days, so they look so pretty

7. Those tight pants suit them.. Why are they wearing weird pants?

8. I miss BTS at that time

9. I like Blood Sweat & Tears, Airplane, pt.2, Boy With Luv, and Dionysus..

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Plz the weirdest of all will be when their stylist would pull out collection from one brand and put all of them in that but I think 2020 onwards they also served us with some of their most iconic looks.

And frankly speaking we can’t expect mens in their mid to late 20s to keep on wearing outfit like DNA no matter how iconic that was.

WhatsThe Point

Ijbol y’all cussed them out for putting tannies in school type of clothes for gogo and others now it’s golden age suddenly 💀


I still remember people complaining about these tho… especially the denim on denim one people were saying how bighit didn’t even try and how it looks boring and all that stuff but now they’re complimenting it… lmaoo anyways i just hope bts don’t cut their hair… their long hair suits them sm.

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Yoong is so HOT with long hair omg that run bts dance practice vid… hot


cut their hair???????shut up & stream


Not one single member needs to cut their hair. They had nice and neat hairstyles for years like get out of your comfort zone. How you gonna speak on fashion but can only tolerate one style. Knetz are a wonder


And in 2026, there will be pann posts about how 2020-2022 was soooo legendary

But I wasn’t done…

Keep their hair long until they have to enlist. It’s only right. Knets can fck off


We all know by now that knets can’t breathe without complaining. I know they sick that international fans hype up everything they hate.

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