Netizens on Pann are divided over Nayeon’s POP!

What do you think of Nayeon’s POP!?

First of all, I like it

[+449, -160]

1. [+196, -36] First of all, when I first listened to it, I thought it was a great song

2. [+178, -27] It’s like ‘Im Nayeon’s song’. It really suits her

3. [+156, -25] It suits the summer and the music video’s color is so pretty

4. [+143, -9] But… the song is a bit boring ㅜ It sounds empty at the part that goes ‘Pop Pop Pop Pop’ ㅜ But I didn’t mind since Nayeon looks really pretty in the MV, but I still feel sorry for her ㅜ

5. [+103, -15] Nayeon is pretty but the song is a bit disappointing

6. [+64, -48] The song is not good.. has no impact

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The song is not that bad that they should feel sorry for her


I agree with some if the commenters.

Overall it’s a good song but it needed something – just a sprinkle of something.

I feel like this song looks more energetic when she performs it and that’s when it shines but just listening to it’s so-so.

I do applaud her for coming out with such a bright pop sound for her solo debut and for all the effort in her solo stage – she’s really shining bright


The song is so-so to me. The only interesting part is the chorus. The rest is meh


The song is ok but it sounds soo much like typical twice nothing remarkable about it..not really a solo debut i expected..should take an example of how taeyeon or wendy solo debut are..


When you don’t realize that nayeon IS twice’s representative sound


It’s not a bad song but I’m tired of the word “pop” being used in Kpop songs, it feels really overdone. E.g. bubble pop, viviz had ‘bop’ but it sounded like pop, etc. More inspired lyrics would have been more fun

Me me

I fell asleep listening to it


The chorus was good but the verses blended too much. It’s missing that sparkle to really make it stand out, which makes it like a b-side track and not a led single. If only it had a strong prechorus and bridge…

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