Netizens praise Aespa for performing raw live today

Aespa who performed raw live today

1. Ningning’s voice is crazy

2. Winter’s voice is so good.. The members all have loud and good voices!

3. The members are all good, pretty, good at dancing, good at singing

4. Karina is so good, so pretty

5. Just trust and listen to Aespa’s live

6. Because they sang live well, the stage was really interesting

7. Winter’s voice is so good

8. The members are all so good that I wonder if Aespa’s songs are easy songs to sing

9. These days I fall in love with Giselle’s voice

10. Aespa sings live so well

11. SM idols seem to be good at singing live

12. Giselle is so good

13. All the members have good skills, so I really like Aespa

14. Their lives are amazing

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