Netizens praise BTS Jimin’s professionalism for staying within the 50kg range for his solo debut

Jimin: Keeping my body in the 50 KGs, it’s not something easy

BTS Jimin is good at managing himself

Looks like he’s managed more closely before his solo debut

Diet secret: Write down the menu he wants to eat every night in his notebook

Jimin’s debut solo album
‘Like crazy’ March 24 (Friday) 1pm

1. When your promotions are over, let’s eat as much as you want, Jimin-ah ㅠㅠㅠ I respect your professionalism

2. He’s good at taking care of himself, his body looks so light when he dances

3. He takes good care of himself, he’s slim, but he’s strong and his features are pretty

4. I respect Park Jimin who is the best at his job

5. It’s blood, sweat and tears

6. Jimin is the best at taking care of himself.. He’s so professional

7. He’s 10 cm taller than me, but he weighs as much as me… Jimin is amazing

8. I like idols who take good care of themselves

9. It’s so crazy how strict he is with maintaining his figure even though he debuted 10 years ago

10. He’s really a professional at his job

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It’s funny how in the previous post, they criticized the portion of newjeans’ food and now they think Jimin managed his body well. They think he ate steak everyday to achieve that weight?


he’s starving himself and people are praising him? yall are sick


Starving? He literally talked in the same video what he will eat 😭


he literally said he writes what he wants to eat every night. that’s the secret of his diet. he writes it down at night, only write it, not eat it.


You’re fkcin stupid😭😭😭😭😭😭 he said he writes what he wants to eat the next day you moronic baboon


you moronic baboon fcking stupid if you don’t understand what he’s saying


jimin stans are so dumb it’s getting pathetic


How is having a diet plan starving?


doesn’t he have history of starving himself? what makes you think he doesn’t do it


is he a girl tho?? why is he dieting to be slim instead of bulking up


Because not bulking up makes you a girl so the girls who are bulking up are men?


Why is everyone obsessed with his weight? Making up stories that he is starving himself, when in the same video he said what he will eat 😭 And trust me, he eats exactly the same as your faves which you should focus on so they don’t flop again


being a jimin stan doesn’t mean you have to be blind. he IS starving himself. if you are his fan you should be concerned instead of enabling his unhealthy diet by defending him like this


He didn’t say what he will eat. He said what he wants to eat.
매일밤 자기 전 먹고 싶은 메뉴 메모장에 써둡니다 (every night before i sleep i write the menus i want to eat on memo)
어제는 칼국수랑 대창이랑 라면이랑 (yesterday kalguksu, daechang, ramen)
좀 매운 게 먹고 싶기두 하고 (i also want to eat some spicy food)
떡볶이도 안 먹은지 지인짜 오래됐고든여 (i haven’t eaten tteokpokki in a reaaally long time too)
되게 맛있는 김치랑 칼국수랑 먹으면 맛있을 거 같아여 (i think eating a very delicious kimchi and kalguksu will be delicious)

How are you not concerned??? He’s THINKING and WRITING, not eating


I kinda understand because his choreos for this album include him being lifted up… hope he is healthy and happy always


I’m worried about him getting sick, he’s going to have a very busy schedule recording performances for music shows that require a lot of energy. Take care Jimin! 


lmao at people fake concern as if you don’t call him pigmin on every other posts.


the title made me nauseous…

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