Netizens praise fans for not leaving trash after BTS’s fireworks show

BTS’ fireworks show…. The fans don’t leave trash

1. As expected, BTS is the best and their fandom is different. BTS and their fans are amazing

2. Han River looks cleaner than usualㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ As expected, ARMY is the best~~

3. Wow, the Han River, where 400,000 people have visited, is cleaner than the usual Han River

4. I’m a fan of another group, but it’s great to see the fans working hard to take care of the image of the singers and the fandom

5. Our ARMYs are so cool

6. BTS is my pride, but ARMYs are also my pride

7. I usually go to Han River, but it’s much cleaner than Han River Park on weekdays

8. Wow, the level of BTS fans is different too

9. Daebak, our ARMYs are the best

10. BTS’ ARMYs are cool, they are the best

11. Singers and fans are great people

12. BTS must be so proud of ARMYs, you guys are amazing

13. Seriously amazing.. They are the best fans of the best artists!!

14. Our ARMYs are the best, I’m so proud of you guys

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