Netizens praise Liz and Yujin for singing ‘I AM’ live so well

IVE Liz sings ‘I AM’ live

Both are great singers…..

The full version

1. Liz and Yujin sing live so well, I was surprised that they sang better than I thought

2. Hul, Liz and Yujin did so well

3. I didn’t know An Yujin sang live so well

4. Liz and Yujin sing so well ㅋㅋㅋㅋ The video is so interesting

5. As soon as I watched the music video, I thought Liz would sing live well, and she’s really good ㅠㅠ

6. I hope that Liz will have more parts in the future!!

7. Liz’s voice is so good and she’s a great singer

8. Liz’s voice is really good, I think Yujin’s live singing skills have improved

9. Liz is definitely the best member of the group

10. Liz has the most parts? I don’t know, I didn’t see that in the music video

11. I trust Liz and Yujin because they are so good

12. Liz’s voice is so good and she sings really well

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Starship actually dont want to give liz some line but they NEED to give that line to her lol. Aint no way they would give that part to wonyoung or leeseo…otherwise they need to lipsync just like that strawberry moon perf. lol


Which is funny because Wonyoung was the centre in the first chorus(when it’s was only the two girls singing who they hides behind her) singing it meanwhile here she’s nowhere to be found when it’s time to sing the chorus, but it will be a cold day in hell before they won’t have her on the front lmao

Also Yujin sounded like she was shouting and not singing.


True lol. Idk why they push leeseo so much. She got so many center and chorus part for their previous song when she can’t sing. I understand they need to push wonyoung bcuz shes the most popular but why they are trying so hard to push this talentless girl when other girls are far better than her lol


All of them did so well in this video i am surprised actually.

They are not the untalented group everyone want them to be.

Also lliz yujin leeseo slayyyyy


Ugly flop= sakura

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