Netizens predict the member who will debut solo after TWICE releases You’re #KillinMeGood August 2023

TWICE (Solo?) You’re #KillinMeGood August 2023

The file name posted on the official website
TW-JH-M1 (Expected to be TWICE Jihyo’s first mini album)

Jihyo’s self-composed song was released for the first time at concert not too long ago – Nightmare

1. As expected, Nayeon and Jihyo will debut solo first

2. Wow I’m looking forward to Jihyo’s voice

3. Oh I’m looking forward to it, I like Jihyo’s voice

4. Crazy, Jihyo’s solo is finally coming… Can’t wait

5. Hul, Jihyo’s solo, so I’m looking forward to it

6. Isn’t it Jihyo’s solo???

7. It looks like Jihyo’s solo

8. As expected, there’s a reason why there’s no tour in August

9. Hul Jihyo is going to make a solo debut!!!!

10. Jihyo’s solo!!!!!!!!!!

11. I’m really happy that Jihyo is about to make a solo debut

12. It’s like Jihyo’s solo, I love it so much ㅠㅠ

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