Netizens predict who will be the next BTS member to make a solo debut

Will V, Suga, Jimin, or Jungkook be the next BTS member to make a solo debut?

Who will be the next member??

1. I think it’s Jimin or Suga

2. V?? Jimin??

3. I thought it was Suga, but if you look at the preparation, Jimin?

4. Jimin or Suga?

5. Jimin, he bleached his hair

6. Jimin

7. I really don’t know.. I think it’s Jimin, but it could be a collaboration

8. Jimin, Suga, Jungkook, V, in this order

9. Jimin bleached his hair, so I think it’s Jimin

10. I feel like Jungkook will be the last member to debut solo

11. I guessed it was Suga, but after seeing Jimin dye his hair, it could be Jimin

12. I think it will be a member from the vocal line

13. I think it’s Suga

14. Jimin or Suga

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