Netizens predict who will be the next BTS member to make a solo debut

Will V, Suga, Jimin, or Jungkook be the next BTS member to make a solo debut?

Who will be the next member??

1. I think it’s Jimin or Suga

2. V?? Jimin??

3. I thought it was Suga, but if you look at the preparation, Jimin?

4. Jimin or Suga?

5. Jimin, he bleached his hair

6. Jimin

7. I really don’t know.. I think it’s Jimin, but it could be a collaboration

8. Jimin, Suga, Jungkook, V, in this order

9. Jimin bleached his hair, so I think it’s Jimin

10. I feel like Jungkook will be the last member to debut solo

11. I guessed it was Suga, but after seeing Jimin dye his hair, it could be Jimin

12. I think it will be a member from the vocal line

13. I think it’s Suga

14. Jimin or Suga

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12. I think it will be a member from the vocal line

no but what if they’re actually doing it like this!?a rapper then a vocalist then a rapper & so on


this is an extreamly unpopular take but I think jin’s single was a last minute plan like if you put jitb and indigo they both look as if they are relesed at the time they were supposed to but astronaut seems a bit out of place it didnt really got time to mature and boom we were hit with indigo (whose promo also started extremely late) so I think vl and isnt absolute true but I do think nxt member is jimin the only reason I am thinking about yoongi is coz he will have to mandatorily enlist by march and they cant just release albums back to back in jan then march doesn’t seem sensible


do you even watch bts content? jin literally said he got that song from chris after they were talking about his enlistment because he wanted to leave fans with a song.


Your take is extremely unpopular for an obvious reason: Both Jin and Chris said they talked about this song months ago.
your take is not just unpopular its non existent bc any armys who actually follow and listen to what the boys says would know that this was prepared for a while.


I’ve been thinking the same. In comparison, jin promo schedule seems too rushed, they gave just a week in advance notice and even himself said that his album will drop the last during festa but end up releasing a single before he had to enlist

Wbk jhope has been preparing for his album since the start of the yr at least and RM since 2019, so yeah, it’s highly possible that jin release was last minute in terms of how much it takes to prepare for an album.

Even with jm we knew he’s been working on it since August at least and we don’t know nothing yet


Either Jimin or Yoongi . Jimin went to US the other day so I think we can assume he is preparing for his album or probably a collab song like JK did with L&R and Yoongi have Suchwita on going rn , I think it also could end with him promoting his album but we don’t know how many eps this Suchwita will have .


But if they go with the rap line , vocal line , rap line cycle then it will be Jimin then and Yoongi and Jungkook/Tae . Jungkook did say his album would be out after Yoongi but anything can change rn I guess so the last one will be either Tae or JK


I think its suga. As we all know his enlistment probably be next one. N he is 2nd oldest.


But he still has until the end of next yr. Suga still has time


It doesnt matter bcs look at their leaders and jflop, they both free falling on charts, they only survive until now bcs of certain other members’ popularity.


first bts was whooping their favs ass as a group now as soloist lol ik why kpoopies keep crying


Keep crying as the song keep free falling as we speak 😭😭


Congrats on being wrong I guess


yoongi or jimin I am sure


Ima say either jimin or yoongi


I used to think that Suga would debut solo too. But he did a show of his own and Jimin is very quiet these days. On the other hand, if we think that the maknae line will come out last, to me it’s Jiminie 🐣


Jungkook is BTS. Other members sales is thanks to their fandom bulk buying goal. Only Jungkook’s song is trending. Only jungkook have a successful solo as of writing this.


Y’all are so delusional. No way you people actually believe this


I think yoongi then Jimin


I think Jimin is releasing his album in Feb, Suga in April, Jungkook in May, Tae in June just before the Weverse concert

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