Netizens rate NewJeans members’ skills after watching [BE ORIGINAL] NewJeans ‘Attention’

[BE ORIGINAL] NewJeans ‘Attention’ (4K)

1. Minji looks so pretty, her face is amazing

2. Hyein dances the best, her limbs are long and her face is pretty so she looks like a model

3. Danielle is so pretty when she smiles and dances

4. The maknae is good on stage

5. The song is good, the choreography is good too. I think Hyein uses her facial expressions and body so well. Danielle’s smile is so pretty

6. Looks like Minji is really good

7. They are all pretty and talented, but in this video, Hyein stands out the most!

8. I think Daniel uses his facial expressions naturally. She looks very relaxed because her expression looks like she’s enjoying the dance

9. Wow everyone is so pretty and charming, the maknae is no joke

10. Hanni is so refreshing and cute ㅠㅠ

11. The maknae seems really good on stage

12. As for the choreography, Haerin is the smoothest, and Hyein’s expression is the best

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