Netizens react after BTS RM becomes Bottega Veneta’s ambassador

Bottega Veneta ambassador BTS RM

1. Namjoonie is really perfect for Bottega

2. He’s really good at finding things similar to his image

3. Is he the global ambassador? Or is he just the Korean ambassador?

4. He found the brand that suits him

5. It’s just Namjoon’s clothes, it suits him so well, he’s perfect for Bottega

6. I love all of Namjoon’s Bottega outfits ㅠㅠㅠ

7. It suits Namjoon’s casual clothing style

8. Namjoonie’s image and Bottega match well

9. I hope everyone watched that interview about why he chose this brand, I fell in love with him even more when I saw that reason

10. It suits him so well, Kim Namjoon is so cool ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

11. Wow, it’s surprising that Bottega didn’t have an ambassador before

12. Human Bottega Venetaㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He’s perfect for Bottega

13. Crazy!!! They say that Bottega doesn’t have an ambassador, but he is the first one

14. I heard that Bottega has no ambassador, daebak

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Comment 3. You need to know not every brand have global ambassador. For eg. Lv, valentino, etc. And this is the 1st time i heard bottega have artist as their brand ambassador


Comment number 3, RM isnt just a global or korean ambassador, he is their FIRST ever celebrity ambassador. Bottega Veneta doesnt do ambassadorship with anyone and their mama like the rest of the luxury brands with oversaturated kpop idols.

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BV has actual maintained it’s luxurious image just like Hermes and still has an inclusive image unlike other brands who hv become superrr cheap by diving in this influencer shit like chanel. Chanel is soooo cheap, boring and bland now…just making the brand look like an inkigayo line up

Last edited 8 months ago by Naysayer

Also miumiu and prada. I see alot of kpop idols/chinese celebrities promoting their brands at the same time. 😭


Fr their creative and marketing team really went down, chanel lost its luxurious image since like 2019


More ambassador deals are coming. Bts are really choosing the brand that suit and fit them like a glove


Being 10 years worldwide superstar group, they at the stage where they can choose what kind of endorsement thats suit them and what they like. With jimin having very successful debut, i expecting he getting more solo endorsements.


Rm – bottega veneta
Jin – coming soon..probably after his military least we got jin ramen cf
Suga – Valentino
j-hope – louis vuitton
Jimin – dior, tiffany and co
V- celine (confirmed by celine are slow in announcing the deal)
Jungkook – Calvin klein


Jin with that one brand he constantly wears for sure. Even the latest photo with the rest of the tannies he was wearing their jacket


Thom Browne? Yeah…he loves that brand a LOT

I've wonyoung

He ruined my favorite brand
He’s too ugly


Act like you can afford that brand lol

I've wonyoung

I’m rich bitch


we dgaf 😂 money can’t buy class and we have you here as an example


Who would believe that lol. Rich and crazy people are busy travelling to see their idol while you are busy on bts article. Thats proved you have no money and just crazy

Color color stan

Babes i know for a fact nobody who can afford bottega is roaming around on pannkpop 😂


ugly= you & your fave before the ps 😂


Who tf wear bottega clothes, aren’t they only famous for their bags?

Color color stan

They’re not loud and not a clout chaser brand and you’re not rich so of course you haven’t heard


Old money wears bottega, the ultimate rich prefer to subtle brands with signature of craftmanships instead of logos splattered all over.


10000000000 armys will wear them 😂


Ngl, there’s probably not that many who can afford them like they can for smt like by chanel or gucci. Insane to find out I can easily get 3-4 gucci bags in so many different styles to 1 of the regular priced bags bv hosts on their site.


Some kpoppies have weired obession for brands idk why 🤣🤣

Dont does not reduce celebraties to fashion objects. These brands have signed BTS in order to emulate the members’ unique qualities, not the other way around.

” Bottega Veneta suits RM well” ✅

“RM is the Human Bottega Veneta ” 🚫

At the end its those businesses and these celebraties working for them lol

I have seen western celebraties who keep changing their fashion and that’s why don’t become ambassador of only one brand.

Maybe that’s why now days many brands taking kpop artists?

I hope bts will not reduce their image just to models

Honesty I have seen many celebrities form my country are ambassadors for such fashion brands but nobody cares about those brands,people become fan for their craft..but kpop idols get more clout and attention for every small small thing thas the reason nowdays brands hiring them

Last edited 8 months ago by Unjali

Another pairing that made sense


The face cards that always decline


😐 well then stop looking at the mirror…you are ugly and we know it!


He deserves this 💜 our king 😭

Berry Island

Where can I watch the interview?


Finally grandpa joonie


I am so glad, Namjoon likes the brand and will be a great ambassador, he is so stylish and manly.


🔥 Finally Something good about BTS


Namjoon is just so perfect for Bottega 🤌🏻


This is another really good brand match up, esp considering Joon’s personal taste. The way he owns furniture that’s seemingly so unassuming, yet then we find out his small table costs tens of thousands.

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