Netizens react after BTS V apologizes to fans and reporters for his manners today

“I’m sorry I got in the car right away” BTS V, on his way home without any greeting → Apologies to fans and reporters

1. Leave him alone. Why do celebrities have to greet reporters? And why should he apologize?

2. He shares a lot of pictures with his fans on Instagram.. The fans know how well he treats his fans

3. I guess he really likes to put his hands in his pockets

4. No, I don’t know idol culture, why does he have to greet reporters there? I really don’t understand

5. The fans are okay, so why are the non-fans angry and upset?

6. Taehyung must have been so tired. Leave him alone

7. Wow, celebrities must be so tired…

8. This guy immediately apologized because he was afraid that reporters would publish malicious articles like they did to Sunmi?

9. After BTS became so popular, the fan service was also different, so I’m really disappointed, not just him

10. It’s not a big deal, but it’s true that he doesn’t have good manners, and I hope that won’t happen next time

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