Netizens react after HYBE reveals official statement regarding the fansign underwear search

HYBE releases official statement regarding the fansign underwear search

[+198, -5]

1. [+428, -13] Look at their emphasis on female security guards ㅜㅠ I’m not curious about their gender, do they know they could be imprisoned for searching other people’s bodies?

2. [+280, -1] I used to think that HYBE had people with a head on their shoulders. But why are they raising Japanese idols? And if so, why don’t they just promote in Japan?.. I can’t believe there are fans who care about them after being treated like that…

3. [+267, -0] Wow, they really searched through underwear + touched their bodies

4. [+220, -1] Don’t let them end with just an apology, let’s sue HYBE

5. [+38, -1] I feel bad for the fans. I think I will have to go with a lawyer to the fansign in the future

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Jon Xina

Creepy HYBE normalizing and making excuses for SA.

Like this doesn’t matter if it’s a woman or man security guard. Fans having their underwear violated and searched is SA and making excuses shows what a disgusting company this is.


This company is super disgusting. No matter if it was a female body gaurd. No one has a right to touch someone’s body against their consent. Hope those fans sue them for this. They are treating it like a normal mistake. Like bich you literally &/@ed someone in regards of searching for camera and shit. And even if they did shoot the video it wouldn’t have been this bad! You made those fans experience rotten. Not to mention many were minors too!


The main problem is that touching any private areas of the body is straight up SA. That guard should be fired at the very least if she did that bc that goes way beyond what should be acceptable for a search. And yes to a lawsuit, absolutely, esp if the guard was actually following standard procedure.

Last edited 4 months ago by EMs

So, is it true? Bc the allegations went far beyond just a simple inconvenience. And if true, then shouldn’t they at least fire the guard or promise not to work with this staff if it’s a 3rd party hire? Did they even do an investigation?

The only reason the staff should be let off like this is if they found the accusations were false after an investigation, and even then, they should’ve informed the fans/public that an investigation took place or will take place and what they found.

Don’t tell me that what happened was standard practice bc if that’s the case, that’s a lawsuit that should happen.

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