Netizens react after seeing NewJeans Danielle at the ‘The Little Mermaid’ premiere

NewJeans Danielle at the ‘The Little Mermaid’ premiere

1. She’s a princess… She digests that outfit

2. She’s so pretty, but NewJeans’ coordi always disappoints

3. What’s up with clothes and earrings? But she’s still pretty even with that;

4. She looks like a doll

5. She’s pretty even when she’s wearing that outfit

6. The clothes are a bit ugly, but she’s so pretty

7. Wow she looks like Ariel

8. She looks like a princess even when she’s dressed like that

9. Seriously, she’s a Disney princess. I can understand why she was chosen. The pronunciation is a bit unfortunate

10. What’s up with their coordi?

11. She looks like a real Disney princess, right?

12. She’s pretty and her hair looks like Ariel’s

13. The outfit looks really weird, but it seems to fit the concept

14. She seems to have the thinnest body among female idols

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