Netizens react after seeing Seventeen’s fans throw thousands of albums

Seventeen fans throwing thousands of albums

“#rt #please RT. Please don’t throw your opened albums at the trash disposal in front of Soundwave after taking out all the photocards, bookmarks, and inserts only to leave the photobooks. If you do this, Carats won’t look good to others. And don’t throw the opened albums in the trash bags on the streets as well.”

“RT) To the person who took out all the photocards and simply left 31 albums at Holly’s Cafe, please take them away. It’s not like you rented out Holly’s or something – what crime did Holly’s commit? You can just give them out in front of M2U or something instead. Please recognize what you did was wrong and take them back.”

“Someone just left 20 albums in front of M2U — is there someone who claims it as the owner? I took them with me because it’s raining first, but if you just threw them away like that, it’s really rude of you. If not, contact me please and I will send them to you.” cr koreaboo

1. No, the singers must have put a lot of effort into that album, but those fans just see the idols’ efforts as trash

2. Makes me wonder if the first week sales are that important when this is happening

3. Out of more than 4 million copies, how many do they actually own?

4. This happens to my idol too. I wish the company would just sell the photocards, please

5. Are they obsessed with the ranking of album sales?

6. Don’t sell albums.. Just release songs on music sites.. I wonder if selling albums makes any sense these days

7. This really isn’t just Seventeen’s problem… the industry seems… needs to change… please only sell the photocards

8. It’s the album of your favorite singer, why don’t you cherish it?

9. 18 versions?? There’s a reason why their sales are so high

10. I think the fandom culture is really weird… I don’t want to say anything about Seventeen because it’s not just Seventeen’s problem

11. Do the singers know that their albums are now considered trash??? At least bring it home

12. Wow but everyone has a lot of money

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