Netizens react after seeing that BTS V and BLACKPINK Jisoo are pretty close

Looks like BTS V and BLACKPINK Jisoo are same-aged friends and are pretty close

I think they became close after MCing together at the SBS Super Concert back then… It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the two of them together and they look like angelic… Freaking pretty & freaking handsome

[+76, -51]

1. [+117, -1] The two of them are Cartier ambassadors, I think they will see each other more in the future

2. [+98, -2] It’s great to see the two of them talking to each other, isn’t this the first time since Inkigayo?

3. [+89, -4] Rosé was there that day too and all of them looked so cheerful sitting together at the same table

4. [+77, -2] Jisoo was sitting in front of him, right?

5. [+71, -2] They look so comfortable because they are the same age. Both are the top in terms of visuals so they look warm

6. [+31, -9] Of course they are so close, his girlfriend is Jennie

7. [+29, -14] Jisoo unnie, please date a good guy like Jennie or Lisa in the same group

8. [+27, -6] Since Jennie is his girlfriend, everyone probably knows each other already, so what’s surprising?

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